Cprime and Aha! to Partner

Industry-Leading Firms Aim to Make Life Easier for Product Managers

With excitement, today, Aha! and Cprime announce they are entering into a partnership. By combining Cprime’s expertise in product management consulting with Aha! – the industry leader in product management software – clients have access to trusted advisors that provide a wide range of product management and development services to extend the power of their tools.

Aha! and Cprime make being a product manager easier. The world’s #1 roadmapping software, Aha! provides a platform and a toolkit for product executives to articulate, organize, and bring product strategies to life. Aha! is the only tool in the market of its sort that is tailored to product managers.

Cprime has vast experience helping clients better define and understand their product strategy as well as near and long-term product horizons. Cprime also works with clients to better understand who their customers are, how their corporate strategy aligns with their product strategy, and how to iteratively enhance their offerings based on continuous product learning.

Together, Cprime and Aha! put the tools you need into the hands of your product managers, align the tooling and workflows to how you work, and then give your product managers the skills and expertise they need to be successful not just in the use of Aha! but in the greater mission of putting amazing products in the hands of your customers.

“Product management is an essential function for all modern businesses, but often there isn’t enough emphasis put on giving people in these roles everything they need to be successful,” says Zubin Irani, CEO of Cprime. “Aha! is a recognized industry leader in providing a technology solution tailor made for product management.”

Want to know another thing Cprime and Aha! have in common? Both companies fervently believe in hiring real product managers, folks with decades of industry experience, to speak for, advocate for, and work with their customers.

“The first time I met Brian de Haaff, co-founder and CEO of Aha!, I was struck by his passion for and insistence upon having product managers in nearly every position within his company. I’m jealous of the Aha! product managers because they get to do so much to make life better for all of us in product roles,” said Anne Steiner, VP of Product at Cprime. “We have similar ethos at Cprime. Within our Product Agility practice, our coaches must have real-life, industry experience before they can teach product classes or provide coaching to product owners and product managers. All too often, we see outsiders offer poor advice to POs and PMs simply because they’ve never done the job. I’d rather get advice from someone who has been there and done that.”

As part of this partnership the Aha! team will be able to tap the Cprime Product Agility team when clients could benefit from process and practice support.

“We are thrilled that Cprime has joined our partner program to help customers innovate even faster and build products that customers really love,” says Brian de Haaff, Aha! co-founder and CEO. “They are recognized experts in product and process management, and we look forward to working closely together.”

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Dan Frost, Director of Partnerships
Dan Frost, Director of Partnerships