Cprime announced as Atlassian’s Agile tool training provider at San Francisco user conference, Summit.

Kevin Thompson, Cprime’s Agile Practice Lead, will be delivering Agile Training on Scrum and Kanban with GreenHopper, Atlassian’s Agile Project Management tool for JIRA, at their fourth annual User Conference, Summit.

Atlassian’s fourth annual San Francisco user conference, Summit, held on May 30th through June 1st 2012, will bring together hundreds of customers, partners and experts to explore what makes a technical team work together artfully. Cprime’s training track will help bring understanding to Atlassian’s users on Agile best practices and how to implement Atlassian’s Agile project management tools, such as GreenHopper for JIRA, within Scrum and Kanban environments.

Cprime is pleased to be announced as the Agile tool training provider for this year’s Summit which will host over 1000 people at the Design Center Concourse in downtown San Francisco. The Summit gives product and service teams a chance to learn about team efficiency and creativity in seven distinct tracks about the product and service development life cycle, case studies and how-to’s, and eight training work-shops for users. Attendees, including technical teams, agile developers, project managers, advanced users and plugin developers will spend three days together, collaborating, exploring and networking.

Cprime’s Agile Practice Lead, Kevin Thompson, is hosting the Agile training track on Scrum and Kanban with GreenHopper.  The class will give users an introduction to Agile best practices and how to use Atlassian tools to implement them. Topics include planning feature development for a Scrum team, applying Kanban for maintenance releases or queue based teams, and scaling Agile in an Enterprise. Users will learn how to interpret reports and drive continuous improvement within their teams. The intended audiences are ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Project Managers or anyone in a queue-based role such as Operations. The training does not require any prior knowledge of GreenHopper.

GreenHopper adds Agile project management to any JIRA project for software development teams practicing Scrum or Kanban. GreenHopper helps users with Scrum and Kanban planning, visualizing and managing workflow, estimating and planning sprints, and monitoring and reporting burndown charts. The tool allows for a simple integration and set up with universal JIRA plugins.

Kevin Thompson has been working with and training Agile development teams for over five years and has thorough understanding of the GreenHopper tool along with the pain points of Agile tool adoption. His training will bring practical knowledge to users through exercises and activities to show how to overcome pains such as distributed teams, hybrid projects and agile planning. Unlike conventional feature-based training, Kevin’s students will work through real-life scenarios to define requirements, plan work, and track progress, across all roles in the project.

Kevin Thompson is the Agile Practice Lead at Cprime, a project management and Agile services company. Cprime has helped over forty enterprises adopt Agile methodologies through Agile training, coaching and assessments.  Included in cPrime’s Agile training curriculum for organizations is an Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool training which includes Atlassian’s GreenHopper. Cprime will continue to provide organizations with Agile tool training in GreenHopper and guide companies through successful Agile adoption.

Cprime is pleased to be invited  as Atlassian’s GreenHopper tool training provider for this year’s Summit and is excited to see their partnership grow.  For more information on the Summit and how you and your team can attend please visit summit.atlassian.com.