Cprime at Agile 2015 Recap

At the Agile2015 conference in Washington, D.C. this past August, Zubin Irani, CEO of Cprime, sat down with Jeff Fitzerald to share his thoughts about participating in the Every Voice Engaged Foundation’s Budget Games and the importance of being agile in today’s world.

The San Jose Budget Games, a civic engagement initiative spearheaded by the Every Voice Engaged Foundation, brought together members of the community to address and tackle complex budget challenges facing the city. Irani, who joined community members in discussing the cost-benefit analysis of various tradeoffs, praised the event as a “powerful, enlightening” experience that demonstrated the need for transparency and visibility in city government. He notes, “Leaders can shape the future and improve the environments we live in” and innovative, empowering processes such as Agile can help citizens move toward a more democratic society.

Irani then spoke about how Cprime, an Agile transformation consulting company, is leading the way in helping organizations operate more efficiently by combining three pillars of the Agile framework: people, processes, and technology. He recalls, “The pace of businesses has dramatically increased, especially in the last twenty years, and businesses have struggled to keep up with the pace. Companies have to respond and react to market dynamics, market pressures, and opportunities to deliver technologies to support that.” Additionally, he stressed the importance of being able to adapt quickly. “Most successful companies are exploring new opportunities,” he said, and these companies are looking to Cprime to adopt and scale Agile.

Watch the full interview here:

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