Designing and Planning a Jira Data Center Installation

A Data Center installation is not the easiest thing to execute. It will involve a great deal of preparation, planning and designing. Even though this venture will not be easy, we know that the vast benefits shortly after reveal themselves.

Data Center Benefits Include:


    • High Availability/Failover – High availability makes the system easy to maintain. This enables you to take nodes offline temporarily and bring it back online again without affecting other nodes.


  • Performance – At any time, you can add additional nodes to your instance as needed to support your growing user base and Jira concurrent traffic.

That being said, let’s jump into our suggest workflow for designing and planning a Data Center Installation.


In this stage you need to determine if our Data Center is the right solution for you. You should identify problems that can be remedied with performance improvement at scale and enhanced reliability


In this stage, you should review your current system and identify existing and potential roadblocks for your installation. In addition, you should identify any cleanup or maintenance that might need to take place before implementing Data Center, such as product version upgrades.


Capture and record data from current system in an effort to measure improvements in performance after implementing a Data Center.


With all the information previously gathered, reevaluate if in fact a Data Center is right for you. If it is, set realistic and measurable goals for the migration and identify any potential risks.

System design/planning

Build your roadmap for moving to Data Center. Identify all of the necessary work involved, roles involved, time estimates and design your method of attack, from end to end.


Deploy and Test

Roll out your implementation plan in your dev environment, test carefully, and if everything looks good, roll it out to all other environments.

(Source: Basic Solutions).


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