How Agile Software Supports Agile Processes

The entire reason behind “going agile” is to benefit from the improved visibility, efficiency, and collaboration that agile processes provide. While all of those benefits are possible with just a daily standup meeting, some Post-it Notes, and a Kanban board, those items are limited in how far they can scale.

Keeping agile simple and straightforward makes perfect sense for a small team of developers who are all working together in one office and focused on one project. However, most software development and other disciplines that can benefit from agile processes don’t occur under those circumstances.

In most cases, projects are spread across multiple teams and/or teams are handling multiple projects at once. These teams are often just a small part of a larger organization, parts of which have a direct daily impact on what’s being done and why. And, in many cases these days, team members may be separated by miles or even time zones and may never even meet face-to-face.

To obtain the full benefit from agile processes under these circumstances, it’s necessary to move beyond the standard white board and Post-it Notes into a system that allows agile to scale effortlessly.

The Power of Agile Software

Agile software tools can make simple items – like the team’s Kanban or Scrum board, for instance – into visual representations of the work flow that are immediately accessible to anyone at any time. Combining this with the cloud, the same benefits can be available via the web for anyone anywhere in the world.

But the benefits of agile software go beyond just making something that’s physical into a digital counterpart. In many cases, the use of agile software can speed up the planning and estimation process . It can also improve collaboration through wikis, instant messaging and other conversation aids and help teams visualize dependencies or bottlenecks that would not be readily visible without the help of the software.

While there are many different agile software options available, we’ve found Atlassian tools to be among the most versatile and reliable. That’s why we’ve focused on becoming a Platinum Expert offering licenses, migration, training, and optimization for all Atlassian products.

If you’re ready to expand from the board and Post-its, or if your current agile software solution is leaving you frustrated, contact us to explore how you can take advantage of the power of Atlassian agile software.