How Should I Run Atlassian? Cloud vs. Server vs. Cloud

These days, there is a lot of debate around cloud vs. server, and as debates typically go, there are compelling arguments from both angles. This decision may become overwhelming, so let’s cut through the noise. Here is a quick run down of what options are available to you for running Atlassian and in what in what situations each make the most sense – a pro, con list of sorts.

Access Application Only Full Access, system and user administration required Access can be customized as necessary for integrations or insights
Add-Ons Limited Compatibility, about half of all available add-ons No restrictions No restrictions
Administration needed by Client Functional (System Administration Disabled) Functional, Application, Infrastructure None if cPrime managed support is included or Functional
Application Versions Latest & Greatest (Bleeding edge) released on Atlassian’s fixed schedule Manage and Maintain Periodic Upgrades to keep up-to-date Free upgrades included, scheduled to meet your maintenance windows and frequency
Customizations & Integrations Unrestricted, requires technical expertise on configurations and integrations Fully managed based on customer requirements
Scalability 2000 Users Max; Disk storage limitation Limited by implementation and maintenance of infrastructure and/or hardware, i.e. DB, Multi-node instances, load balancing, Data Center configurations. Unlimited; Cloud architecture accounts for scale possibilities, while implementation and execution are fully managed.
Summary Excellent for out-of-the-box or small scale installations, but limited by lack of customizations, flexibility, and controls. Suitable for enterprise organizations with highly detailed business and/or security requirements. Requires significant resources to implement and maintain. Flexible solution that fits enterprises with varying scale and requirements. Eliminates technical costs associated with application and infrastructure implementations.

We understand that the systems you put in place need to scale as your organization grows, so we strongly urge you to talk to an expert when deciding to migrate your instance. As Atlassian’s Partner of the Year: Platinum Partner for 2017, we have the experience to guide you transition in a sustainable way.


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