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How to Estimate Capacity for Work in Agile Teams

by Kevin Thompson, Ph.D. Discussions about project planning and project management tend to focus mostly on understanding requirements and creating…


When Scrum Isn’t Agile enough

by: Jeffery Howey I’ve rarely run into scenarios where a 2 or 3 week time frame from User Story to…

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How to Retain Top Talent

Tips for Managers By Zubin Irani, cPrime CEO If your business or company has survived the worst of the recession…

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Cprime’s Project Management Excellence Awards

We are extremely excited to roll out our newly developed Project Management Excellence Award. The program is designed to recognize…


Cprime’s San Francisco Agile User Group is Back in Action!

Cprime has taken a new initiative to be a more active host for SF Agile Meetup events in 2012!  Our…

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cPrime Names Consultant of the Month for November 2011

  VEER VEERANA IS NAMED CPRIME CONSULTANT OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER 2011! Veer is a PMP certified, seasoned, business…


Cprime’s Agile Consulting Services hits major milestones.

Cprime Inc., a project management and Agile services company, expands their agile consulting & coaching services and reaches new industries…


Rational Unified Best Practices (RUP): A Primer for the Project Manager

Rational Unified Best Practices: A Primer for the Project Manager Crystal Lee, PMP If you are an application development project…


Cprime Scrum Board |Scrum Tools |Scrum Techniques

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="458"] Scrum Board[/caption] Check out our Scrum Board. Even Cprime's Marketing Team uses Scrum techniques to optimize…

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Driving Change with Business Intelligence (BI)

What is Business Intelligence and What Does it Do? by Crystal Lee, PMP, and Chris Patrick, PMP Recently we’ve been…


Comparing and Contrasting Scrum to Traditional Project Management

By Kevin Thompson, PhD Comparing and Contrasting Scrum to Traditional Project Management Scrum as Project Management Experienced project managers, trained…

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How Your Job Scope as a Project Manager May Be Detrimental to Your Success

by Zubin IraniAs a profession, project management is amorphous by nature. Project Managers have collectively earned a reputation as the…