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cPrime Agile Webinar Series: Replay

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Recipes For Agile Governance in the Enterprise (RAGE) Introduction

Presentation Synopsis:

Large enterprises that develop software cannot function without structure, but often develop structures that cripple productivity and impair responsiveness to customer needs. This Webinar introduces an approach to building effective structures by introducing the concept of Agile governance. Agile governance provides formalized practices for decision making (governance) which incorporate the principles of the Agile Manifesto and Lean Engineering. The result is a set of simple recipes for selecting, planning, organizing, and tracking work at all levels in the organization (the Portfolio, Program, and Project levels), which apply within or across Business Units. We also provide guidance on how to develop new recipes, when needed. This webinar introduces the basic concepts of Agile governance. We will look at some existing concepts (such as Scrum of Scrums and SAFe), and lay the foundations for subsequent webinars that address specific scenarios of common interest.


Kevin Thompson, Ph.D.

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