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SAFe Case Studies

SAFe Case Studies

cPrime SAFe Implementations

SK Hynix SAFe Adoption for Chip Development

The Outcome:

  • Field issue resolution time: down 42%

  • Warranty Expense: down 50%

  • Time to production: down 20%

  • Time to market: 20% faster

  • Employee engagement: Up 9.8%


The Outcome:

  • Average delivery cycle time down from 12 month to 3 months

  • 6X increase in delivery frequency/h4>

  • 50% cost to deliver reduction

  • 95% decrease in product defects

  • 100% projects delivered on time and on budget


The Outcome:

  • 44% decrease in post release defects

  • 76%+ decrease in time to respond to customer request

  • “greatest thing Mitchell has done in my 14 years here”


The Outcome:

  • Substantially improved communication with peer teams, program stakeholders, and domain and technical experts

  • Teams were able to commit to a realistic plan

  • Better alignment to the key program priorities

  • Teams understand “why are we doing this important work”

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