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Confluence Advanced

Confluence Advanced

This Atlassian Confluence Advanced Training course, develops basic user knowledge of Confluence, to produce dynamic pages to an advanced level. The course also looks in-depth at specific tasks that will help users understand and utilize other advanced Confluence features. Click here to expand.

Course Length

The course lasts a full day (up to 8 hours) and comprises of 6 Modules each with a lab exercise.

Lab Environments

The lab environment (an instance of Confluence) gives users a practical working area to engage with. This enables them to benefit from seeing Confluence in action with real world settings and examples, translating the theory from the course into practical knowledge.


Basic knowledge of Window interfaces. Atlassian Confluence Basics

Course Outline

Module 1: Advanced Content Creation

• Shortcuts • Wiki Markup • Text Styles • Headings • Lists • Tables • Links ________________________________________ Lab Exercise: Wiki Markup

Module 2: Advanced Confluence Macros

• Macros • Adding Content • Widgets & External Content • Advanced Images & Visuals • User Macros ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Advanced Confluence Macros Creating a page with embedded macros, Macro errors, The blog-posts, gallery and tasklist macros

Module 3: Notifications and Tasks

• Email options • Confluence Notifications – Advanced • Confluence Tasks • Creating Tasks • The Tasklist Macro • Using Tasks ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Notifications, Turn off the confluence recommends email, Notify a user, Create a task The task list from a notification in a confluence page, Complete a task

Module 4: Attaching Files and File Management

• Attaching files • The Attachments Macro • Viewing Attachments • Editing Attachments • File Versioning ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Attachments, Versioning Attachments, Use the Attachments Macro, Change Attachment Settings

Module 5: Basic Administration

• Users & groups • Permissions • Add-Ons • Installing & Updating Add-Ons • Managing Add-Ons • Common Add-Ons • Atlassian Add-Ons • Balsamiq • Gliffy • Zen ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Add-Ons, Exploring the Add-On Manager, Enabling & Using Add-Ons, Creating Users & Groups

Module 6: Space Administration & Personal Spaces

• Importing and Exporting Spaces • Removing Spaces • Space Permissions • Personal Spaces ________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Advanced Space Usage, Creating a Personal Space, Assigning Personal Space Permissions
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