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Customizing JIRA Workflows – Official

Customizing JIRA Workflows – Official

In this course, attendees learn how to customize and configure JIRA workflows. Through lecture and hands-on exercises, they will learn about the advanced workflow elements and best practices for configuration. This course discusses workflow components such as statuses, transitions, postfunctions, conditions, and validators and, best practices for using them. Attendees will be able to build more effective JIRA workflow that represent their business process by avoiding common mistakes and utilizing all the workflow features available. Click here to expand.


This course is for JIRA users that are interested in learning how to most effectively design workflows for their business processes. JIRA System Administrators, Project Managers/Program Managers, ScrumMasters, and anyone interested in learning more about the advances features of workflows will benefit from this course.

High Level Topics

  • Workflow components
  • Editing an existing workflow
  • Creating a new workflow
  • Using JIRA Agile boards with workflows
  • Best practices for working with JIRA workflows