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JIRA User Training

JIRA/JIRA Agile User Training

  This course teaches basic fundamentals for team members to become proficient with creating issues, using the workflow, assigning issues to other users, attachments, bulk operations, linking issues, searching for issues, saving searches for later use and setting up a personal dashboard. cPrime will provide a Jira / Jira Agile class for users in the form of demonstration and education. cPrime will need access to the internet to perform training and access the Confluence documented class. The course content is built for all standard user functions while including Jira Agile functions and needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Installing Jira Agile
  • Creating a Jira Agile Project
  • Creating a Jira Agile Board
  • Configuring Boards
  • Filters / Columns / Swimlanes
  • JQL / Searching Issues
  • Scrum Board Planning
  • Epics / Versions – Releases / Sprints
  • Estimation and Tracking
  • Agile Reporting (Basics)
  • Understanding Epic/Story/Sub-Tasking
  • Time Tracking and Logging Work
  • Creating, Editing and Transitioning Issues
  • Watchers / Notifiers
  • Issue Security
  • Assignment
  • Gadgets and Dashboards
  • Troubleshooting