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Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

While continuous deployment (Often mistaken as Continuous Delivery; is a process where every change is deployed to a target environment) may not be right for every company, continuous delivery is an absolute requirement of DevOps practices. Only when you continuously deliver your code can you have true confidence that your changes will be serving value to your customers within minutes of pushing the “go” button, and that you can actually push that button any time the business is ready for it.

Continuous Delivery is a combination of multiple DevOps practices: Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing and Continuous Deployment

Having a sound CI system is the core and from there an organization can forward to having a Continuous Delivery pipeline; where you automate the packaging, deployment and testing part of the development life cycle.

What cPrime can offer?

  • Carry out an assessment of your existing delivery pipeline; provide Industry Best Practices and
  • Recommendations on improving it.
  • Implement and Rollout a CI/CD System
  • Continuous Delivery System Features
  • Help in automating deployments to non-production/production environments
    Help in automating Functional Testing
    Help in automating End-to-End Testing
    Automated Deployment
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