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Rally to JIRA Migration Kit

Rally to JIRA Migration Kit

Migrations from Rally to JIRA are often very difficult to perform and are very costly if data is incorrectly migrated. Lean on us to help!

We provide a solution specially tailored for Rally to JIRA migrations. Our product offers detailed migration plan based on our Consulting experiences, automated Product to assist with Extraction, Translation and Loading of Data from Rally to JIRA to ensure that your attachments, html and content move over and maintain their integrity, and consulting assistance needed for a successful migration. Our cost effective migration approach gives you all the tools you need to do it yourself; if you like we can do the full migration for you.

Our Approach to the Migration

1 – Identify Source Data – fields/data from your Source system (“Rally”) that you want to bring over to JIRA and custom fields
2 – Setup Target System – Configure JIRA’s workflow and fields
3 – Extract Data from Source
4 – Transform & prepare data and scripts for Target
5 – Load data into Target System
6 – Validate data migration