The Scrum Master's Guide to Remote Delivery

Stay flexible in a rapidly changing environment. Solutions for virtual delivery to keep up with the pace of changing market demands.

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How to Lead Effective Scrum Team Meetings (Video)

This video provides a quick run down of how to successfully fulfill the role of Scrum Master when working with 100% remote teams. We will explore what Scrum Masters need to know and techniques to leverage to get the very most out of meeting cadences with the team.

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5 Behaviors to Optimize Remote Team Collaboration

Are your teams suddenly adjusting to working 100% remote? After 10+ years of experience delivering consulting services to clients, here are 5 behaviors to help your remote team members collaborate most effectively. Download the infographic and share with your teams.

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Not So Typical Scrum Master Checklist

List of critical decision points, action items and adjustments that every Scrum Master must be aware of in a geographically distributed and remote working environment.

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Agility in a Remote Environment: Top Tips for Scrum Masters

As Scrum Masters, we are used to dealing with an ever changing, complex environment. How can Scrum Masters, in the current day and age, continue to do their job more effectively?

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