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Infra / Cloud

Infrastructure is the core to having an effective DevOps culture. In a DevOps world, some amount of Infrastructure (could be physical hardware or Cloud) should be readily available for use; this paves a way for building new automation strategies that are tied to infrastructure.

Companies are attempting to make the next generation of infrastructure (and the code that powers it) less prone to failure thanks in part to a growing trend called DevOps. Traditionally IT organizations have relied on golden copies of environments, outdated scripts and manual configuration to bring up environments; this has led to slow/error prone deployments. The most obvious goal of a DevOps organization is to provide a runtime environment that “just” works all the time; and the key to it is having a solid infrastructure and the code to build the platform as quickly as possible.

What cPrime offers?

  • Assessment of your environment(s) and provide Best Practices and Recommendations on using it
  • Environment Standup
  • Build Cloud environments through Automation Build virtualized environments using virtualization softwares
  • Performance Tuning
  • Customize environments to meet performance goals
  • AWS/Cloud Configuration
  • Virtualization Infrastructure as Code
  • Setup Monitoring for your environments