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Splunk Consulting

Splunk Consulting and Support

Insights begin with visibility. Our approach to being your Splunk consultant is to aggregate all of your organization’s informational artifacts and deliver solutions to monitor and forecast your most challenging KPIs. And because we have deep experience with delivering enterprise transformations from a “big picture” mindset. We don’t just help with people, processes, or technology. We put it all together to provide real business value, whatever that may mean to your organization.

Architect / Install / Configure

We can optimize deployments and help guide best practices for deployment and configuration

Get more value out of Splunk

Splunk’s “big data” analytics value compounds when integrating additional data sources – lean on us to guide you

Splunk Enterprise

Hosting If you don’t want to go through Splunk’s Cloud SaaS offering or if you host it yourself, we can help support this!

Why Splunk?

Aggregate fragmented information.
Splunk uniquely has the abiity to monitor the health of your full value stream with a intuitive single big data analytics tool

Why Cprime?

Improved Application Performance
Our deep and diverse big data analytics application knowledge helps us identify specific indicators of poor application health and propose wholistic solutions as your Splunk consultant