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Agile Testing Training

Agile Testing Training

This course will provide an overview of Agile Frameworks and the role of the tester while addressing Agile Testing at every stage of the Agile or waterfall/hybrid lifecycle, and various Agile maturity levels. Testers who participate in the course will leave with knowledge of Agile testing best practices and antipatterns to avoid, skills they can bring into any development/test environment, guidelines for selecting and implementing tools for the client environment in question and Agile testing-related coaching skills both at a team level and managerial level.


5 days or 3 days

Course Outline

Module 1 – Key Agile Frameworks and the Role of the Tester

1.1 The Agile Manifesto for the Tester
1.2 Scrum/XP and the Role of the Tester
1.3 Kanban and the Role of the Tester
1.4 SAFe and the Role of the Tester
1.5 Testing in Hybrid Environments

Module 2 – Agile Testing Framework (ATF) Overview

2.1 Pre-development Test and Support Activities
2.2 Development Testing
2.3 Release Testing
2.4 Testing Specific Components
2.5 Testing Tools Overview

3 Tester as Coach Module

3.1 Agile Fluency Model and Agile Readiness Assessment
3.2 Coaching the Team
3.3 Coaching Management

4 Case Study Simulation

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