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Mastering Agile & Scrum

Learn how to execute Agile and Scrum processes within real world project environments.

Course Summary

This course will give you a broad understanding of Agile methods and goes beyond the fundamentals of Scrum and focuses on practical knowledge. Unlike the Certified Scrum Master course, this course teaches students how to manage and execute Scrum processes within real-world project environments. The course is designed for all personnel who will be involved in the Scrum process, including Project Managers, Product Owners, Program Managers, PMO Directors, Software developers, executives and QA. In this course, we will dive deeper into the complex processes of Agile projects including Requirements Management and Planning, Road mapping, Hybrid Agile Projects, Product Vision and more. We will walk you through a hands-on simulation of a complete scrum project, from start to finish. Beyond knowing the fundamentals and terminology of the scrum process, teams must master scrum to be able to launch a scrum practice in their organization. Read our course outline for more information on the topics covered.  


1 day.


  • Project Managers, Product Owners, Program Managers, PMO Directors and staff who manage projects and processes
  • Software development, QA, and Product Management personnel who will do the hands-on work in a Scrum process
  • Executives interested in integrating Scrum processes with the business to improve product development


  • Training Part I
    • Introduction
    • Driving factors behind Scrum & Agile Development
    • Scrum Time Boxes, Roles and Artifacts
    • Requirements Development
    • Product Backlog Development and Ranking
    • Definition of Done
    • Estimation
  • Training Part II
    • Task Breakdown
    • Sprint Design Considerations
    • Velocity Estimation (Capacity Analysis)
  • Training Part III
    • Release Definition
    • Release Criteria
    • Tracking
    • Tools for Agile Project Management
  • Training Part IV
    • Sprint Planning
    • Daily Scrum Meeting
    • Sprint Review
    • Retrospective Meeting
    • Sample Project
  • Scrum Requirements Management
    • Introduction
    • Management of Uncertainty
    • Project and Process Types
    • Product Owner Role
    • ScrumMaster Role
    • Scrum Basics
  • Basic Requirements-Management Skills
    • Product Vision
    • Story Mapping
    • Group Prioritization Strategies
    • Release Slicing
    • Writing User Stories
    • Writing Technical Stories
    • Writing Defect Reports
  • Planning Large Requirements and Long Time Scales
    • Requirements Decomposition and Epics
    • Roadmaps
    • Architecture Planning
    • Release Planning
    • Sprint Backlog Creation
  • Planning Complex Projects with Multiple Teams
    • Scrum Program Management Hierarchy
    • Coupling and Team Definitions
    • Dependency Analysis for Multiple-Team Implementations
    • Planning Hybrid Projects
    • Tools for Agile Project Management
    • Retrospective

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