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Agile Requirements

Agile Development & User Stories Workshop

Custom Team Workshop on Producing Agile Requirements – Story Mapping, Epics, Product Backlog

Agile Requirements Workshop Summary

Every team and organization is different and deals with different roadblocks while working through the scrum process. One common roadblock teams face is producing or planning the requirements of the Product Backlog. Our coaches get your teams to understand how requirements fit into the scrum process, how to produce and plan requirements and how to scale large requirements. In Scrum and Agile projects, User Stories commonly represent requirements and are written from the perspective of the system user or purchaser. This workshop will teach your Product Owners how to write effective User Stories and how to prioritize them. Our coaches get your scrum teams working effectively by utilizing lecture based training, exercises and hands on coaching and mentoring.


What You Will Learn for Our Agile Requirements Workshop:

  • How and why to create a Product Vision
  • How to use techniques such as Story Mapping to tap the expertise of a focus group
  • How to decompose requirements hierarchies into Epics and Stories
  • The benefits of Stories over traditional requirements formats
  • The attributes and format of an effective User Story
  • How to right-size stories for Scrum and when to split stories
  • Create Roles & Personas to better understand User Story context
  • How and when to write Technical Stories
  • How to define Done (Acceptance Criteria and more)


1 day.


As requirements of a scrum project are owned by your Product Owner (or Business Analyst), this course is designed to get your Product Owner writing, planning and producing requirements successfully. The main objective is to learn where in the process of requirement production is failing and fixing the issues that are unique to your team.


This course is intended for anyone who is responsible for producing requirements, understand how requirements are generated and planned. Usually this is the Product Owner, Product Manager or Business Analyst.  


Although this workshop does not require an individual or team to have taken any course or training, we recommend individuals and teams already know the fundamentals of scrum projects. Our workshops typically come after our coaches assess your teams and teach teams the fundamentals of the Agile processes. If your team is not up to speed on the basics, we recommend starting with our Enterprise Agile Development course.
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