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Agile Testing

Agile Testing Workshop

Custom Team Workshop on Agile Testing

  Delivering potentially shippable product increments in an iteration requires testing features as they are developed. Agile teams contain a mix of development and testing experts, who self-organize to develop and validate features effectively. This one- day workshop introduces best practices of testing for Agile teams, by describing the different types of testing and who is responsible for each.

What You Will Learn from Our Agile Testing Workshop:

  • What a cross-functional Agile team is
  • The roles of QA and development in an Agile Team
  • The testing pyramid – unit, integration, system, functional, exploratory testing.
  • Why test automation is essential
  • Which types of testing should be automated
  • Who should be automating tests
  • TDD and ATDD practices overview
  • How to handle IV&V type of activities in Agile (traditionally at the end)


1 day.


This 1-day workshop is a blend of lecture and group discussion.


Anyone who will be part of an Agile team (e.g. Developers, QA, ScrumMasters) , or working closely with an Agile team (e.g. functional managers)

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