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Strategic Roadmapping Workshop Onsite Training

Strategic Roadmapping Workshop Onsite Training

Course Description

In this 1 to 2-day workshop, teams collaborate to create a product (or portfolio) roadmap. The workshop combines top-down strategy definition with bottom-up planning to help balance strategic bets and user needs with the necessary support and small feature development required to keep the lights on. In the end you have a 12-18 month roadmap and a clear definition of a path forward for further product validation and learning.
This workshop immerses participants in techniques and activities that help teams visualize, organize, and sequence the mountain of requests and ideas that are piling up. Through practices like collaborative framing, work in progress (WIP) visualization, affinity mapping, persona development, value stream/opportunity mapping, and more, you determine the most strategic things to build and subsequently, create a product horizon that delivers value and fuels product learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. High-level mission and goals alignment; gain a common understanding of the following:
    • What you are building?
    • Why are you building it?
    • Who you are building it for?
  2. Identify and understand your markets, buyers, and users to provide clarity to where value lies for them
  3. Visualize existing work (big stuff and small stuff) and group into like groups
  4. Discuss “Minimum Viable Product” using journeys, affinity mapping, and more
  5. Align to a consolidated product (or portfolio) roadmap and ensure a common understanding of your product(s) horizon and strategy