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Value Stream Workshop

Value Stream Workshop

“Whenever there is a product for a customer, there is a value stream. The challenge is seeing it” – Mike Rother and John Shook

When we see the value stream, we can get better at creating value for our customer. This one day workshop is for organizations who need to take a deep dive into a development value stream to understand how value is created and more importantly opportunities for improving the flow of value. Participants will use value stream mapping to discover their development value stream, understand how they create value, discover impediments to value creation and create a set of improvement objectives, backlog items and an understanding of the economic benefits the enterprise can gain from those improvement objectives.

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  • Create alignment with overall enterprise improvement objectives.
  • Use the as-is value stream map to create alignment on improvement objectives and how we get things done
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Use the value stream to align team to create team OKRs that are aligned to enterprise improvement objectives.
  • Build a backlog of next steps and a “pitch-deck” to economically justify improvement efforts

Intended Audience

This foundational package is intended for a diverse audience from executive to practitioner who are leading organisational change. For this foundations series to be effective, we need both decision makers – those who can lead the change, and practitioners who really know how things get done in the organization.


  • A set of directionally aligned team and individual OKRs
  • A “pitch deck” to economically justify improvement efforts and resource requirements
  • A backlog of “improvement items


Outcomes workshop is recommended for participants.


1 day formal workshop plus 8 hours of consulting including final read out.

Workshop Agenda

Are We on the Same Page for Getting Better?

Participants review enterprise wide OKRs which are ideally presented by enterprise leadership to ensure team is aligned on enterprise improvement objectives.

What Do We Make that Creates Value?

Participants identify the products, services, systems and other assets they create and maintain. Participants will try to at least qualitatively attribute what value those assets create for the enterprise. Finally, what events trigger the creation of value?

Current State – How Do We Make It?

Participants learn to see into their existing product development process by “walking the line, door to door”. During this process they will use the lean thinking to identify wastes in their value stream such as delay, unnecessary motion, transportation, inventory, over processing, over production, and defects. Participants may optionally map their tool network to discover disconnected information flows.

What Are Our Improvement Opportunities?

Seeing how value flows through their value stream and wastes impeding that flow, participants diagnose the root causes of the waste and if possible determine the economic consequences of that waste.

A Plan for Action … Next Steps

Participants begin their improvement journey by deriving their own directionally aligned OKRs based on what they have learned from the value stream mapping exercise and the Enterprise OKRs. They make these OKRs actionable by construct a backlog of improvement activities to meet those objectives. Finally they ensure there is an economic justification for their plan by creating a pitch deck advocating the economic value of the improvement effort.