How to migrate to AWS:The Playbook

We can help you migrate, build and manage on AWS cloud.


Our Experience

Our teams are backed with the experience of migrating 30+ clients of all sizes and complexities to Amazon Web Services with the support and recognition of the following partners.

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Step 1
This is where we gather details about the environment and formulate the game plan. In the spirit of being agile, we probably won╩╝t know everything, but should know enough to get the ball rolling!
Step 1
  • Provision and validate access to current environment
  • Perform analysis on configurations, add-ons, and integrations
  • Design/architect new AWS hosting environment
  • Review and deliver initial project plan
Step 2
In this step, we lay the groundwork for the shiny new environment for the applications. We want to make sure that the foundation is solid and stable for the forthcoming migration.
Step 2
  • Provision and set up AWS services (VPC, ELB, EC2, RDS, etc.)
  • Configure infrastructure-related services for new environments (non-production and production)
  • Install Atlassian applications in new environments (non-production and production)
  • Develop and finalize hosting support plan
Step 3
We're talkin' about practice? The test migration typically exposes complications and inefficiencies, so this is our chance to put our plan to the test and resolve any issues ahead of the final migration.
  • Generate export of application data and attachments (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.)
  • Perform data transformations and mappings as necessary
  • Restore application data and attachments to new non-production environment
  • Perform QA for application integrity and conduct UAT
  • Mitigate issues, refine migration steps and scripts, and finalize production migration plan
Step 4
Game time! With a practice under our belt, the team is prepared and confident to execute the plays as planned!
Step 4
Step 4
  • Execute end-user communication plan for duration of migration
  • Coordinate final migration window and production environment freeze
  • Execute migration steps, refined and confirmed from test migration
  • Conduct final QA and UAT for all applications
  • Execute changes for production cutover (Emails, DNS, etc.)
Step 5
We have made it this far, time to wrap up and make sure things will continue to perform as expected. The team may also want to strategize future plans.
Step 5
Step 5
  • Resolve all remaining issues related to migration
  • Replicate production data to non-production (development and test) environments
  • Perform active application and infrastructure monitoring
  • Coordinate application upgrade and AWS scaling plan (instance size, additional nodes, etc.)
Learn More About AWS
Learn More About AWS

AWS is reliable, flexible scalable and secure. Your peace of mind is priceless, but you will also:

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  • Do more and move faster!

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