AWS Migration
AWS ISV Migration

As part of the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program, we can assess your IT resources, tailor a migration playbook, forecast and optimize your costs in the cloud so you can simplify complexity and integrate your products and services.

AWS DevOps

Helping you monitor, control and optimize the performance of your infrastructure in the cloud while you accelerate continuous delivery on AWS.

  • Get your pipelines modernized in the cloud
  • Monitor public, private, and hybrid data in AWS
  • Implement Automated Testing, CI & CD

AWS SecOps

Helping you de-risk your digital infrastructure in AWS with auto provisioning, security and compliance solutions in the cloud.

  • Automate your security effort in the cloud
  • Make compliance a part of your solution
  • Enable inventory and change management

Build your machine. AWS Integrations:

As AWS becomes an integral piece of your workfow, the need for security, operational and cost management visibility across your entire enterprise increases. Splunk Enterprise seamlessly fills this need. Together Splunk and AWS can help you with operational Intelligence, security and compliance, optimization insights and more.

Deploy Atlassian on AWS for instant scalability, quick setup, and painless administration. Customize AWS to meet the needs of your organization and your Atlassian Data Center instance. The flexibility of AWS will allow you to grow with your Data Center cluster automatically based on the load your system is experiencing.