Atlassian Cloud Migration Impact Assessment

Our experts assess your unique setup to recommend the best next steps in your Atlassian cloud adoption

Looking to move your business to the cloud?

While there are countless benefits to migrating, including increased efficiency, cost savings, and agility, it can be a daunting task.

Many leaders have concerns such as:

  • Disruption to critical business operations during the migration
  • Lack of compatibility with existing applications and add ons
  • Missing the deadline to migrate from on-premise leading to no support for security issues and data breaches
  • Compliance and data residency challenges
  • Lack of in-house expertise to migrate, manage and maintain cloud infrastructure

Trust Cprime’s team of Atlassian Cloud migration experts to thoroughly assess your current setup and recommend the optimal migration process for your organization to ensure a smooth transition to Atlassian Cloud while minimizing risks.


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Cprime can help

Moving to Atlassian Cloud offers a number of benefits but it’s critical to carefully weigh various factors when undertaking a migration. From licensing costs to integrations, security to data access, and ownership to compliance concerns, there’s much to consider. 

Our team of certified migration specialists has the knowledge to expertly assess these critical areas and identify any issues you need to be aware of. We focus on:

Migration Effort and Impact

Our comprehensive assessment provides a clear understanding of the level of effort required to migrate to Atlassian Cloud, including potential issues like unsupported or incompatible data and applications that cannot be migrated.

Data and Security

To avoid potential risks such as data breaches, cyber attacks, and other security threats, it’s crucial to make security a foundational pillar of your technology infrastructure in order to protect your organizational strategy.

Performance and Features

Performance, scalability  and functionality are non-negotiable. Our experts make sure your organization’s technology runs in the most efficient manner.

Partner with Cprime

  • Minimal time from engagement to recommendation delivery
  • Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with an Atlassian Cloud specialization
  • We’ve been managing Atlassian migrations for our clients for over 10 years
  • Completed nearly a thousand migrations to date, with server-to-cloud being our most popular the last few years

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