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Product Agility

Are you building the right thing?

Start charting your product's course!

Cprime Product Agility solutions help product teams get from planning to launch faster. Learn how we can help you gain more responsiveness to market and obtain higher rates of return from your product investments.

Chart Your Product's Course

Determine the most strategic things to build, and in which order, to create a product horizon and deliver the most value

Bring Ideas to Action Faster

Break down initiatives into individual stories to bring alignment, prioritization and clarity to your product strategy

Blend Product Discovery with Delivery

Build, plan and measure for fast experimentation to prove value quicker

Weave Product Learning into Your DNA

Put your customers at the center of your workflow to adapt to their needs quicker

Our Approach

Product Agility Coaching and Consulting

Cprime’s Product Agility coaches are specialists with decades of experience building impactful products. Our coaches left lives as product managers, software engineers, executives, and founders to share a pragmatic approach to product development that blends insights from both their successes and failures in industry.

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Product Dojos

Dojos are an effective alternative to embedded coaching for businesses looking to scale agility, product thinking, and DevOps. Through rapid learning cycles, the dojo provides teams the chance to strengthen learned practices in the context of their real work.

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Product Courses

We provide immersive learning that provides concrete experience rooted in products and services. Courses are keenly focused on the real-world, practical applications of product discovery and product design.

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Product Discovery Workshops

Participants learn agile product discovery practices while working on a real product initiative. At the end of the workshop the product idea has a prioritized release backlog. The product backlog enables tracking of progress, tracking of value delivered, and serves as a roadmap for delivery.

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Since 2005, we’ve helped Thomson Reuters place product and customer impact at the core of all they do. Through education, coaching, dojos and more, TR built a product development organization that is a model for others to follow with respect to product and technical agility.


Target is seen as the inventor of the dojo, and we were right there with them, bringing this idea to life. Today, Target and many others operate and staff self-sustaining, dojo environments that serve as immersive learning experiences for product teams and an incubator for internal coaches


From process to progress to product, General Mills walked the path with us. Today, its IT organization is putting the finishing touches on a product transformation that has been a game-changer and now reaching into the business to be a strategic partner in driving practices that fuel agility beyond IT.