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Available Opportunities

Our solutions and services are transformational in nature to enable higher performance in a more human-focused organization. Don't get us wrong - this isn't for everyone. It takes discipline, a growth mindset, and continuous commitment to do transformational work. Our work is fast-paced, where change is a constant, and we have strong relentless focus on learning and delivery.

Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture
Cprime Careers Culture


We believe that a workplace that focuses on humanity is a powerful motivator in transforming organizations and making a dent in this universe. Employee motivation, well-being, happiness and engagement is at the core of our culture.

We're not perfect, but we're relentless about building and growing a more human-focused organization. We live by our core values and use them to guide how we work and interact with one another and our clients. You won't find a value poster hanging in our offices because the values of Integrity, Learning, Teamwork, Quality, Action, Ownership and Value itself live in our hearts, minds, and actions.


People are at Cprime’s core. That means both the people who make up Cprime and the clients we serve. We put thoughtful care in how to balance and bring about a harmonious union of business and interesting work opportunities. At the same time, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Career Development

Jam Sessions & Fishbowls with open conversations debates and more!

Friendly team competitions

Opportunities to get certified, attend conferences and more!

Community Improvement

Volunteer /support local nonprofits

Network and meet new people

Participate in community races and events

Explore Our Teams

Get a glimpse at how we run our teams!

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Agile Consulting

(SAFe/ Scaled Agile, Product Agility, Agile Transformation, Public and Private Training)

We believe that empowering organizations is not simply a matter of building better software. We teach, coach, and help others build and validate their software, products, and services. We also believe that we can inspire each and every individual to continuously learn and grow. Join our team of mission-driven Agile professionals who always go above and beyond, strive to learn and work as a team, and have fun together.

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Technology Consulting

We are a collection of sharp, technical people who use our knowledge of enterprise systems, DevOps and Agile to transform how large companies work. We blend the best tools and technologies such as Atlassian, AWS, Azure and Splunk with the right processes to help companies succeed! Our team spans from solution architects, software developers, and engineers to QA, business analysts, project and program managers and more.

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Corporate Operations

(Operations, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, Legal, and Product Development teams)

We're the heart and core of Cprime - we're passionate about our culture and building our Cprime community! Our Corporate team believes in delivering great customer service with a smile and a forward-thinking, problem-solving approach. By deeply engaging our customers and employees alike, we're able to help grow the Cprime family and build a long-term enduring brand.


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