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Turn ideas into action faster

Our mission is to partner with clients to reimagine the future of work. Join our team to meet organizations where they are to develop actionable solutions and solve business challenges.

Employee experience

Build an exciting career that gives you the flexibility and autonomy required in life.

Be autonomous

Decide how best to achieve outcomes. Decide how best to collaborate with your teams and clients as we realize the context of each situation is unique so that the solutions might be different.

Flexibility your way

Work how you work best based on your life. We work based on outcomes - not sitting at a desk for eight consecutive hours. Find your balance and work from anywhere, anytime, and at any place.

Choose your path

Take ownership of your path — no up-or-out pressure. Instead, you decide what to learn and develop in, and we co-create together on how to get there. What brings you the most excitement?

Develop your best self

One of our primary goals is helping you find your best self. We hope you grow and become a better version of yourself. A better human. Whether you're currently at Cprime or a Cprime alumni – it doesn't matter.

Engage the way you want

Engagement is a two-way street, and we know everything isn’t for everyone. But there’s something for you, from fitness clubs, coffee meet-ups, to annual retreats. You decide how to engage and if there's something you want to start - ask.

Focus on well-being

Without well-being, there is no engagement. We offer resources that support your emotional, mental, physical, and social well-being so that you can shine holistically at work and at home.

Values we live by

Our values create a sense of belonging and create unity across all teams no matter where our Cprimers are in the world. They are the foundation for who we hire, who we do business with, and who we are.

People & Culture


Understand the situation and have a bias toward action.


Take accountability for your actions.


Great things are never done by one person.


Listen to understand and feel.


Be better every day.

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