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Enterprise Agility

Turn the Best Ideas into Disruptive Action Faster Than Ever Before

5 levels of Agile Maturity

Leverage the Full Power of the Agile Methodology and Mindset by Applying it Across the Enterprise

Define gaps in strategy, prioritize initiatives to optimize funding, choose the best management approach, automate, and advance the delivery of customer value at the enterprise level.


We help organizations at any step of their Agile journey to mature:

From the Agile Team

when one or more teams within the organization apply Agile principles and ways of working

To the Agile Enterprise

when organization is scaling Agile across business units and developing a culture that supports this effort

To Scaling Agile Enterprise

when the enterprise operates predictably with alignment at all levels and full employee engagement

A Holistic Approach to Enterprise Agility

Enterprise Agility is not a singular destination. It’s a journey that requires a lot of planning, preparation, and orchestrated effort. But the end more than justifies the means. Explore waypoints on this rewarding journey:

Prepare and Roadmap (P&R)

Get your teams in sync before embarking on a major transformation so you can deliver maximum value to your customers throughout the journey: define gaps and overlaps in workflows and tooling that damage performance; map out the technology implementation to accelerate delivery; build a predictable and transparent scenario to manage change.

Build a Business Case For Change >

Agile Transformations

Take a strategic, pragmatic approach to journeying from where your organization stands right now to full Enterprise Agility. Our trainers, coaches, and tooling specialists will join forces to develop and guide you through implementing the optimal Agile transformation strategy for your organization.

Embrace And Implement Change >

Product Agility

Get from planning to launch faster, while shifting the focus away from individual projects and onto the value your Products bring. Through Product Coaching and Consultation, learn tools to adapt to changing customer needs, and deliver the highest customer value, resulting in higher rates of return from your product investments.

Become Product-Focused >

Business Technology

Leverage decades of experience selecting, customizing, and optimizing business software solutions that drive optimal workflows and maximum ROI from your technology investments. From evaluation to implementation to migration to integration, our experts can do it all.

Harness Technology To Unlock Value >


Streamline the CI/CD pipeline, redefine collaboration between development and operations, implement or modernize tooling, and build and train DevOps teams with our integrated set of implementation, tooling, training, coaching, and staffing services.

Release More Value Faster >

Technical Coaching

Engage expert guidance to enable your engineers to deliver in a secure, usable, and scalable manner; embrace DevOps culture to build, test, and deliver as fast as you plan; organize your teams around a shared vision; build trust and a customer-centric culture.

Change Your Mindset >

Scaled Agility

Leverage a proven framework for scaling your Agile practice to the entire enterprise, and allow our Agile experts to help customize the program to best support your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Scale Agile Practices Across Teams >

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

Dramatically streamline and optimize outdated, inefficient portfolio management processes by reorganizing work into value streams with clear solutions. The LPM methodology dovetails perfectly with other scaled Agile processes and supports agility at the enterprise level.

Adopt New Management Approaches >

Custom Development

You can solve many of your most pressing business problems with minimal fuss and optimal results, add value sooner, and diversify risk with custom software development solutions. It requires a partner who can leverage a wide breadth of knowledge and experience combined with deep expertise in a range of development disciplines to ensure the optimal solution to your unique problem.

Build Unique Solutions To Your Challenges >

Enterprise Agility is the Ultimate Goal of All We Do at Cprime

The entire spectrum of services our international team of nearly 500 associates delivers each day is focused on helping organizations achieve Enterprise Agility and, as a result, reach and exceed their business goals.

Isn’t it about time you launched your own Enterprise Agility journey?

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