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What’s keeping you from predictable rollouts?

Try our comprehensive set of DevOps solutions to start releasing at the speed of business

Is your DevOps evolution being blocked by unclear objectives, organizational resistance to change, shortage of skills, lack of automation, or legacy tooling?

With our integrated set of Training, Coaching, Implementation, Tooling, and Staffing services we create a coherent plan that reflects the unique needs of your organization to streamline the CI/CD pipeline, redefine collaboration between development and operations, implement or modernize tooling, build and train teams.

Deliver changes as soon as you make them

Change code easily and safely, merge, test, and deploy as often as you need

Rapidly respond to customer impact

Deploy features regularly and frequently to increase user engagement

Maintain compliance, security, and reliability

Ensure seamless user experience by keeping your product usable and accessible

We understand your struggles and we have the solutions

At Cprime, we have the services, products, and partnerships to help solve the problems that are blocking you from achieving the ultimate goal of DevOps – release as often as you plan

Staffing & DevOps Team Augmentation

Engage full-fledged teams of DevOps Engineers that can build it all for you: automate your pipelines, refactor your legacy architecture, implement end-to-end observability, and so much more. Our on-staff product teams are ready and able to augment your DevOps teams with the top-performing talents in any part of the world.

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Technical Coaching

Lay the foundation for successful tooling adoption and DevOps culture installation with our Technical and Strategic Coaches working side by side with your teams and executives. Harness technology to be able to implement change faster and with feasible results.

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DevOps Tooling

Empower your team to provide manageable outcomes and deliver value as fast as your business needs with the right toolchain and unique integration strategy. We have 30+ partnerships with DevOps tool vendors to help you automate a unique delivery pipeline that can be your robust competitive advantage.

Automate Delivery Pipeline >

DevOps Training

Use our comprehensive training catalog to provide your team with the skills they need. Everything your Engineers would like to know about CI/CD, containers, microservices, infrastructure management, tools to deliver in a predictable manner, and more is available in off-the-shelf courses and private training.

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Don’t just build products. Deliver!

DevOps Services



No matter what your toolchain looks like, we have the skills

We can implement and integrate these tools to fit your team’s unique needs and/or coach and teach you how to best utilize them so that you get the most value out of your investment

Ready to transform your DevOps practice?