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Private Group Training Programs

Group training brought to you — anywhere, anytime, and live online.

Private onsite training brings our experts to you — on your schedule, at your location. It also allows us to plan your training in advance and tailor classes directly to your needs. With learning targeted to your unique team environment, we’re able to resolve your specific issues and meet your specific needs. Not only does the entire team benefit immediately, but the cost per student is significantly less than attending separate public courses. How Private Group Training Works:

  1. Choose your topic or course
  2. Have a free consulting call with a training advisor and Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  3. Receive a SOW with pricing that is all inclusive of travel and materials with easy pay terms
  4. Select dates, times and location that work best for you and your team
  5. Have a pre-course call with your instructor
  6. We will take care of the rest so your team can enjoy a great training experience
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Custom and Consistent Learning Eliminate uncertainty and ensure your team receives the same training and messaging by working directly with our Subject Matter Expert to tailor your private training to your specific needs. Pay only for the skills, tools, and techniques your team needs to succeed. Flexibility You decide when and where your training is delivered. Choose between half days, full days, mornings, nights, weekends, or even have your team attend remotely. Your needs are the priority. Cost Savings Private training is designed specifically for group training. Because private training typically happens at your location or live online, there is no facility, travel, or lodging costs incurred. That tied with our group training cost typically saves up to 40% against sending those students to individual classes. Confidentiality Private, onsite training allows sensitive and confidential information to be discussed freely since only your team is in attendance. NDAs for our instructors are routine, so the instructor is yours. Ask the tough questions you need to solve your specific issues.  


Onboarding Programs

Get your new hires workplace ready for day one. Onboarding Programs are uniquely designed to accelerate the development of recent graduates and new hires. We work with you and your internal subject matter experts (SMEs) to customize a hands-on program that aligns to your company goals, best practices, and processes. Learn more about Onboarding Programs>

Digital Learning as a Service

Digital Learning experiences in the form of quick start videos, fully-fledged gamified courseware, and more are the future of Learning. From original content creation to blended learning solutions our dedicated team of subject matter experts, instructional designers and content creators work with you to create personal learning pathways, curriculum’s, and any additional virtual learning content you may need to match your organization’s needs. Learn more about Digital Learning as a Service>

Mission to Mars

This innovative board game challenges players to build and launch a rocket to Mars. Players form Agile teams, collaborating through “Sprints” to complete important tasks. The game tracks each team’s score, along with other metrics used in Agile, such as “Velocity”. In order to win the game and successfully launch your rocket, your team will have to demonstrate characteristics of actual successful Agile teams. Learn more about Mission to Mars>

Why Choose Cprime Learning for Private Group Training:

We are Accommodating Cprime Learning will make every effort to fulfill your training request. Most of our content can be tailored, combined, condensed, or expanded. We understand that our clients have difference needs and are accommodating to fulfill those requests. We are Easy to Work With Our experts make the purchasing, logistics, operations, course delivery, and post-class follow-up easy to execute. We are Quick to Respond Whether you are dealing with your Training Advisor, your Instructor, or coordinating your logistics, we are positive and quick to respond. We are Experienced Since 2005, we have trained all of the Fortune 100, thousands of professionals across the globe, and we understand the components of training and working with large clients. Our talented instructors and innovative methods will provide your teams the expert instruction needed to effectively implement new practices.

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