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Align, Innovate, and Achieve with Private Team Learning

With the current pace of change, the need to upskill your talent with the latest technology and new ways of working is imperative. However, developing a private team learning program that meets the needs of your growing organization presents a variety of challenges including:

  • Learning programs align with the overall business goals
  • Integrating new technologies into learning programs
  • Tailoring learning programs to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of your employees
  • Balancing the demand for training with employees’ regular work responsibilities
  • Coordinating training programs across different regions with diverse cultures and languages

Cprime offers customizable, cost-effective solutions to address these obstacles head-on


Customized, Cost-Effective, and Confidential Private Team Learning Solutions

Team learning with Cprime can be custom-tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your unique team and environment to achieve your organizational goals. By trusting Cprime as your learning partner, you’ll receive private team training that provides:

Organizational Alignment

Align content with your specific goals, practices, taxonomy, and outcomes.


Discuss confidential and sensitive information with only team members in attendance.


You decide when and where your training is delivered.

Cost Savings

Maximize your training budget with an average cost savings of up to 20%.

Learning Needs Assessment

From Objective Definition to Seamless Program Implementation 

Work with a Cprime Learning Consultant to:

Understand your organizational objectives, goals, metrics, and current challenge
Assess team performance, capabilities, and blockers
Review role descriptions and current team skill sets
Analyze overall effectiveness and areas for improvement

Using these insights, we will design and implement a targeted private team learning program that addresses your teams’ unique needs and challenges. 

Since private team learning with Cprime is customized to your projects, problems, and goals, it is 100% confidential. This allows for sensitive information to be discussed freely. NDAs for Cprime Learning instructors are routine, so you can ask the tough questions needed to solve your specific issues.

With more than 25 years of experience developing successful private team learning programs, Cprime’s streamlined process makes your job easy. Our learning can be delivered through learner-led, instructor-led, and on-the-job learning, ensuring we accommodate different learning styles and embed new learning into your real work. Our experts make purchasing, logistics, operations, course delivery, and post-class follow-up seamless. Just tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest. 

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Additional Team Learning Options

Learning Pathways

Elevate teams’ skills to drive business growth with an innovative blend of learner-led, instructor-led, and on-the-job application. Cprime Learning Pathways are the perfect solution for companies looking for the ease of an off-the-shelf training program but with the effectiveness of a tailored solution, and the power of practical application.

Explore Cprime Learning Pathways

Prepaid Learning Credits

With Prepaid Learning credits from Cprime, you can pre-purchase training for up to one year, giving you the flexibility and freedom to tailor your teams’ learning experience without the stress of last-minute decisions or changing organizational requirements.

Learn More about Prepaid Learning Credits

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Future-proof your teams with customized private team learning.