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Cloud Adoption and Roadmapping

Strategic Cloud Adoption for Optimal Agility

Business and technology executives are well aware of the tremendous strategic and operational benefits of the cloud. Taking the first steps in this important journey, however, has to be a carefully planned and well thought of effort. To optimize the many benefits of cloud adoption, organizations need to define clear and realistic goals, set the right priorities and make wise business decisions combined with informed technology and product selections

Accelerate Readiness

Ensure organizational buy-in, alignment and support of the cloud adoption initiative in all lines of business, as well as IT.

Reduce Risk

Assess your current skills and knowledge, technologies and product stacks as well as existing workloads to reduce friction and maximize the chance of a successful adoption.

Control Expense

Forecast your future cloud expenses accurately by assessing your short and long term capacity needs. Ensure full understanding of cloud providers pricing structures to reduce expense while maintaining high SLAs.

Win Fast

Analyze existing workloads to identify challenges, inefficiencies and potential bottlenecks. Understanding your deployment patterns and making a sound initial selection of workloads to migrate ensures early wins for your cloud adoption initiative.

Our Approach

Cloud Journey Readiness Assessment

This assessment will help you determine the best migration path and deployment patterns for your organization. We’ll review your current application delivery and IT operational processes, capabilities and technology stacks to identify gaps you can address when operating in the cloud for maximum efficiency.

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Cloud Operating Model

Cloud adoption is not a one-time migration effort. Let us help you develop and document the right cloud operation model required to meet your business and IT objectives. The initial Cloud adoption plan and operating model can be iterated upon as your organization matures to maximize delivered value.

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Devops Value Stream Mapping

With this mapping, we can help identify DevOps capabilities gaps within your organization. Mapping the application delivery pipeline will identify waste, wait states, and rework, resulting in a prioritized list of steps and practices to enhance the maturity and scale of your DevOps adoption.

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