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Agility at Scale:

Operating Design, Planning, Execution

Transform digital product delivery, streamline efficiency, and drive innovation through new ways of working


Are you looking for solutions to these common challenges?

  • Limited visibility and transparency across portfolios or the enterprise, hampering decision-making
  • Challenges prioritizing initiatives and allocating resources efficiently
  • Inefficient processes and operations hindering productivity and collaboration
  • Need to balance innovation with operational stability
  • Inability to adapt/respond to market changes, resulting in slow time to market

In organizations wanting to scale agility from team level to company-wide,“36% of respondents said leadership doesn’t understand Agile and continues to put up roadblocks (knowingly or not), 28% cited a lack of clear priorities/direction, and 29% said business teams don’t understand Agile and what it can do.”

– 17th State of Agile Report, 2023

Benefits of Agility at Scale

Agility at scale focuses on operating design, planning, and execution – providing adaptability, efficiency, and innovation to enterprises which enables them to respond swiftly to market changes. This approach streamlines processes and expands operations seamlessly without sacrificing quality, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Adapt Quickly to Change

Seamlessly adjust to market shifts, ensuring sustained relevance and competitive advantage

Streamline Operations & Processes

Optimize software development processes to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity

Accelerate Innovation

Foster a culture of innovation, enabling rapid ideation-to-implementation cycles for impactful business outcomes

Increase Scalability

Scale product development operations seamlessly to meet evolving business demands without compromising efficiency or quality

Drive Collaboration

Embed new ways of working across teams and departments, fostering collaboration and responsiveness for quicker decision-making and execution

Agility at Scale Services

Cprime’s experts will help your organization fundamentally evolve processes and develop a scalable operating model tailored to value streams, optimizing your delivery teams to reduce costs, build cross-functional collaboration, and navigate uncertainties with ease.

Prepare & Roadmap

Uncover current inefficiencies and gaps and build an action plan to boost productivity and streamline workflows

Lay the Groundwork (P&R)

Executive Workshop

Align organizational goals with executives, ensuring clarity, focus, and effective execution

Align Executive Strategy

Value Stream Identification & Operating Design

Design teams, teams of teams, and ways of working to optimize the flow of value and, in turn, time to market

Identify and Optimize

Ways of Working Implementation/ Optimization

Implement frameworks/ methodologies to drive efficient, scalable product value delivery

Evolve Work Culture

Executive Consultant

Provide strategic guidance to help organizations align strategies with execution, match demand to capacity and prioritize the highest value efforts

Team, Team of Teams, Portfolio Player / Consultant

Hands on guidance and support to enhance collaboration, alignment, improve initiative delivery, and streamline portfolio management

Our Partners

Through our partnerships, we can help organizations determine the right tools and frameworks that optimize workflows, and enhance productivity, collaboration, and portfolio visibility. We offer comprehensive learning solutions including agile certifications and a variety of courses to help organizations adopt and implement agility at scale.

Why Cprime?

Cprime ensures a holistic approach to digital transformation in partnership with clients by evolving product development workflows and eliminating inefficiencies. We’ve helped numerous organizations build and optimize processes and teams, and ensure alignment with strategic goals to drive scalable growth and execution throughout their product development lifecycle.

  • Global Expertise: Our consultants are experienced practitioners in a variety of methods and practices with real-world experience across Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize rapid value delivery and enable the development of change agents within your organization
  • Proven Results: Every single engagement, workshop, and course is focused on realizing measurable impact, bringing increments of value in bite size chunks

Clients we’ve served

Each organization is unique. Our team collaborates closely with our clients to ensure we understand their specific needs and goals. Check out how we’ve helped clients embrace Agility at Scale and achieve the following outcomes:

Customer Success Story

A Lean-Agile Practice Accelerates Progress in this Luxury Auto Maker’s EV Production Facility

This leading British car maker saw the need for faster time-to-market and smoother collaboration between UK and China teams as they pursued their new electric vehicle project. After facing disappointing results with an initial vendor, the luxury car leader reached out to Cprime for guidance building and scaling an Agile practice in their Shanghai manufacturing plant with stellar results.

Elevate your Agility Planning & Execution for Success