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Experience the difference of real-world, hands-on training courses from Cprime Learning. By incorporating real workplace scenarios, labs, and exercises, our courses prepare you for the real-world issues you will face back at the office. With a catalog of over 300 courses covering all areas of Project Delivery, IT and Operations Management, Business Performance, and Marketing, you’re able to receive hands-on experience applicable to your specific job or need.

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We take an “all in” approach with our Agile training and coaching philosophy, focusing across the enterprise, not just IT. Our Agile training courses are highly interactive and offer a “hands on” learning approach. Participants will be able to hit the ground running to successfully implement agile methodologies within your teams and departments, and ultimately across the organization. Whether your team is new to Agile or trying to scale Agile, Cprime Learning has the training courses and coaching solutions that will make a difference.

Artificial Intelligence

Elevate your organization's AI proficiency with our comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Mastery courses. Whether launching AI solutions or enriching your skills, our curriculum offers programs to propel your capabilities. Seamlessly blending theory and practical application, our courses empower you to drive AI-driven innovation, from conceptualization to advanced techniques. Gain hands-on experience in solving complex challenges with a focus on real-world scenarios, cultivate AI-centered thinking, steer strategies, and unleash AI's true potential, propelling your organization into a future driven by intelligent innovation.

Business Analysis

Business Analyst Training from Cprime Learning enables Business Analysts to maximize their potential. We offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to arm Business Analysts at all levels with the critical skills necessary to become effective problem-solvers for the organization. Business Analysis professionals will learn the correct methodologies that can be implemented immediately after Cprime Learning Business Analysis training is complete.


The vulnerabilities and the lack of necessary security skills applicable to today's technology environments have reached a crisis point. Cybersecurity training from Cprime teaches you how to integrate effective security best practices and standards to your existing processes, technology assets, and management. Our courses will teach you effective monitoring tools with pre-planned incident response solutions as well as trigger actions that minimize both immediate and long-term impacts of security incidents.


Cprime Learning offers a variety of training options critical to cross-functional teams, as well as ongoing support for leaders and managers. Our DevOps training equips your enterprise to rise to the challenge of today’s IT needs with a transformational blend of collaboration, automation, cultural tools, and direct implementation. These training courses give you the how-to knowledge needed to effectively plan and execute best practices with the tools and skills that make true continuous operations possible in today’s enterprise organizations. 


Cprime's eLearnings are online educational courses designed to provide individuals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in various disciplines, such as project management, agile methodologies, software development, and more. By engaging with Cprime's eLearnings, individuals can access expert-led instructional videos, quizzes, and interactive content that promote active learning and skill development. Furthermore, the eLearning platform allows learners to revisit course materials and modules whenever needed, providing a valuable resource for continuous learning and reference.


Our senior leadership experts teach your people how to be effective in today’s complex business environments. From human factors to business process and continuity, Cprime teaches you how to be a powerful communicator, cultivate emotional intelligence, and lead high-performing teams.


Microsoft products such as SharePoint and Office encourage widespread change and improvement in enterprise collaboration and communication through browser-based collaboration. This allows organizations to host powerful shared workspaces, content, integrated data and applications, and much more. These collaboration tools allow drastically increased efficiency of shared resources. Cprime Learning SharePoint and other Microsoft training helps your organization take full advantage of these products’ capabilities.

Product Management

Enhance product-thinking, alignment, and product ownership across your entire organization with our Product Ownership and Product Management training courses. Whether you are in a new product-oriented role, launching a brand new product, or just looking to add new skills to your product tool kit, our uniquely designed product curriculum has a program to take your skills and capabilities to the next level. Our courses will teach you how to define product initiatives, chart your product’s roadmap, ideate faster, and much more.

Project & Program Management

Cprime's project & program management training and certification courses offer students the opportunity to practice and fine-tune their skills in a classroom environment that mirrors actual day-to-day work scenarios. We follow a unique curriculum that directly ties to the methods and practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and utilizes acknowledged standards for Project Management, A Guide to a Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide – 5th edition). Whether you are new to Project & Program Management or are experienced with industry certifications, our uniquely designed curriculum has a program to take your skills and capability to the next level.


Agile isn't just for small teams anymore. The many benefits of Agile can now be scaled across your whole organization. Imagine how much more efficiently your firm could run with Agile scaled across the enterprise level. While the benefits are substantial, it is nearly impossible to undergo this transformation without specialized coaching and training.

That's where Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) comes in. Enterprise SAFe® is a scalable and customizable framework for development across an entire organization. SAFe® is a proven success, with over 70% of the US Fortune 100 now practicing it. It has shown to improve time to market, predictability, product quality and employee engagement. 

Software Development

Boost your teams’ ability to quickly design, develop, test, and deliver new software products and features at scale. Smart design patterns and rapid innovation are critical capabilities in today’s organizations. Our software development training courses will teach you, coach you, and can even work with your people in dojos to ensure successful production-scale software outcomes.