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Experience the difference of real-world, hands-on training courses from Cprime Learning. By incorporating real workplace scenarios, labs, and exercises, our courses prepare you for the real-world issues you will face back at the office. With a catalog of over 300 courses covering all areas of Project Delivery, IT and Operations Management, Business Performance, and Marketing, you’re able to receive hands-on experience applicable to your specific job or need.

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Data & AI

Cprime’s Data and AI training offers a comprehensive approach to equipping individuals with the necessary skills to navigate the quickly evolving landscape of data analysis, data science, and artificial intelligence. Through theoretical understanding and hands-on practical experience, participants learn to extract insights from complex datasets to make better decisions and deploy AI solutions effectively and securely. 

Enterprise & Product Agility

Enterprise and Product Agility training with Cprime helps organizations optimize their product development process from ideation to launch. Participants learn to fundamentally evolve and scale new ways of working into value streams that deliver the highest impact products and services. Enterprise and Product Agility training will guide your teams through aligning their product vision with market needs, prioritizing features, and optimizing ways of working to deliver high-value, competitive products that drive growth and innovation.

Project / Portfolio

Cprime's Portfolio and Project Management training courses teach participants to streamline the journey from conceptualization to tangible software solutions, embracing new ways of working to maximize value and efficiency. By rethinking traditional approaches to portfolio and project management, learn to focus resources and costs to business capability and functions that drive meaningful outcomes while reducing waste. Optimize your financial management processes, create adaptive frameworks, and enhance your capital planning strategies to thrive in the digital age with Portfolio and Project Management training from Cprime.

Software Development

Software development training with Cprime provides a holistic approach to mastering the principles and practices essential for modern software engineering processes. With an emphasis on iterative development, collaboration, and adaptability to rapidly changing requirements, your teams will learn strategies for automated testing techniques and continuous integration while ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products.

Technology Platforms

Cprime’s Technology Platforms training offerings equip teams with a deep understanding of the various technology platforms that drive innovation and transformation. From foundational concepts to advanced techniques, our expert-led technology platform training empowers professionals to unlock the full potential of these platforms, enabling organizations to thrive in the digital age. Equip your teams with the skills needed to create visibility to enable efficiency and accelerate outcomes through the alignment of the organization’s people, processes, and tools.