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Aha! for Administrators

Master Aha! administration to streamline your project management processes and maximize efficiency.


Elevate the expertise of your most advanced Aha! Roadmap users with this comprehensive program designed to build upon their existing knowledge. Participants will dive deep into advanced concepts, best practices, and sophisticated configurations to maximize the value of Aha! Roadmaps for your organization.

This course offers a thorough exploration of the settings module, empowering Administrators and Owner members to fine-tune, implement, and manage Aha! Roadmaps with greater precision and efficiency. By mastering these advanced features, your team will be equipped to optimize your roadmapping processes and drive better outcomes.

While this course is tailored for Aha! Power Users and Administrators, Product Managers, Product Leaders, and Operational Professionals are encouraged to explore our dedicated "Aha! for Product Managers" course for role-specific insights and strategies.

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2 days/12 hours of instruction
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GSA: $1085 USD

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Full Course Details

Part 1: Configuration

  • Hierarchy
    • Aha records deep dive
      • How each record relates to each other
        • Define and build out 
          • Product platform vs. product line
          • Solution offerings
          • Product components
          • Enabling/disabling Epics
      • What to keep in mind around integrations
        • Jira
        • ADO
        • Salesforce
  • Workspace configuration
    • Workspace templates (E+)
    • Customization types and what they can and cannot do.
      • Workspaces
        • Enabling/disabling Epics
      • Teams
      • Statuses & Workflows
      • Workflow approval groups
      • Broadcasts
      • Scorecards
      • Automated scorecard metrics (E+)
      • Time frames
      • Tags
        • Best Practice 
      • Custom fields 
        • Internal names + API Key considerations
        • Worksheet Functions
        • Copies of fields for different applications
          • Affects reporting and Worksheets
      • Custom layouts
        • Ideas vs. Ideas portal layouts
      • Advanced custom layouts (E+)
      • Custom tables (E+)
        • Linking custom tables 
      • Custom Worksheets (E+)
      • Automations (E+)
        • Work Requests
  • Automations (E+)
    • Common Use Cases
    • Limitations
  • Ideas Advanced (E+)
    • Common Use Cases
    • Configuring your own CNAME portal
  • Capacity Planning (E+)
    • Common Use Cases
    • Limitations
    • Team capacity report
    • Resolving a capacity conflict
  • Integrations 
    • Setup & Configuration of common integrations
      • Jira
        • Best Practices: one to many / many-to-many linking, mapping to text fields, mapping Sprints -> Releases
      • Slack
        • Best Practices + keep in mind
      • Salesforce
        • Best Practices + keep in mind
      • Aha’s API
        • Best Practices + keep in mind
    • Audit logs and how to interpret them
    • Bulk import/export
      • Templates
      • Common issues and errors

Part 2: Data Management + Monitoring

  • User Roles and Management
    • Custom roles (E+)
    • Bulk user management
  • Security and Single sign-on
    • IP Address based access control (E+)
    • Integrating with Security webhooks (E+)
  • Monitoring account activity (E+)Where does the data go when it’s deleted?
  • How to recover data
  • Record history
  • Bulk changing records
  • Reporting
    • Report Module structure and folder creation
    • Good reporting hygiene 
    • Using internal titles and API titles in fields
  • Backing up your account (E+)

Part 3: Troubleshooting

  • A workflow to follow when data is missing
  • A workflow to follow when data is presenting incorrectly in a record
  • A workflow to follow when data is presenting incorrectly or is missing in a report

Professionals who will benefit from this training include:

  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Product Operations Leaders
  • Product Management Leaders
  • Aha! Administrators
  • IT Administrators

  • Understand the Aha! best practices around hierarchy, organization, and record relationships and why Aha! was built the way it is
  • Have an in-depth understanding of each field and record type, their advantages and drawbacks in relation to reporting
  • Identify ways to troubleshoot issues, manage data, and recover missing data

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