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Revolutionizing Automotive Digital Transformations

June 25, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET


Navigating your Responsibility in Atlassian Cloud: Security, Identity, and Data Protection

Sep 10, 2024 | 12:00 PM ET

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Case Study

From Atlassian Data Center to Atlassian Cloud: How Cprime Helped Twilio Achieve a Cloud-First Strategy

Twilio partnered with Cprime to transition their Atlassian Data Center instances to the Atlassian Cloud, involving a complex migration within…

Case Study

An Automotive Software Supplier Doubles Cybersecurity Readiness With Cprime

Cprime consultants helped an automotive software company increase its Microsoft Defender Secure Score from 44.24% to 85.19%, ensuring compliance with…


Revolutionizing Automotive Digital Transformations: Unleashing Enterprise Technology and Financial Management for Unrivaled Business Impact

Digital transformation is crucial in the automotive industry, but many organizations struggle to fully leverage agile frameworks to address challenges…


AI-Powered OKRs: Unlock your Agile Future with Cprime and Jira Align

In modern organizations, effective OKR management is crucial for driving growth and staying ahead of the competition. However, traditional approaches…


Achieving Sustainable Growth in the Digital Age

Aligning Customer Value, Iterative Product Delivery, and Financial Performance Organizations must continuously evolve and adapt to market changes and their…


Accelerate Your Success With AI-Powered OKRs in Jira Align

Read the Guide “Misaligned to Mastered: How Cprime's AI-Powered OKR Solution Amplifies Atlassian’s Jira Align Features” Are you a Jira…

WebinarAgile and Artificial Intelligence

A Framework for Development in the AI Age

Witness the power of CodeBoost™ and AgileSME AI in our live demo By harnessing custom-crafted AI solutions, teams can expect…


Mastering an Integrated Atlassian Tooling Ecosystem: Strategies, Success Stories, and Best Practices

Are you ready to take your Atlassian tooling ecosystem to the next level? Join our panel of renowned Atlassian experts…


Enterprise Technology and Financial Management

ITFM Solutions to Optimize and Align Tech Spend What is keeping your CFO up at night? Inefficient management of cloud…


Strategic Synergy: Uniting Finance and IT through TBM

In partnership with: Aligning strategic planning, finance, portfolio management, and enterprise architecture is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and agility. Join…


Improving IT Investment Decisions and Business Outcomes with Integrated Enterprise Architecture Management

In partnership with: Learn how integrating Enterprise Architecture Management capabilities as part of your IT Finance and Agile Planning processes…


Cprime Learning Fuels Growth and Innovation

A Fully-Realized Continuous Learning Culture You know your teams need to constantly grow their skills and change with the times…


Optimize Your Tool Stack for Maximum Value

Tooling Solutions That Put People Before Tech What do you need? To speed up product delivery? To remove waste and…

WhitepaperProduct Management

Product-led Development For the Win

The Proven Approach to Quicker Value Delivery What do you need? To speed up product delivery? To remove waste to…


A New Way of Working, Optimized for Innovation

Get From Idea to Action to Value Faster What’s impeding innovation and wasting time and money? People? Process? Technology? All…

WhitepaperProduct Engineering

Innovative Product Engineering On-Demand

A Faster Way to Get From Idea to Code to Value What’s slowing you down? Not enough qualified developers? Lacking…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Harnessing Atlassian’s Power Through Cloud Transformation and Adoption

Transitioning to Atlassian Cloud unlocks a new realm of possibilities. Organizations that have recently migrated to Cloud report a 47%…

Case StudySAFe

Revitalizing Scaled Agility for a Leading Technology Company

An international telecommunications tech enterprise faced hurdles with their Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) deployment, impeding optimal software development across their…

WhitepaperEnterprise Service Management

The HR Team’s Guide to Implementing Enterprise Service Management

Introduction Like nearly all organizations today, you’re struggling to streamline internal processes even as the speed and complexity of the…

Case StudyProduct Agility

Texas Mutual Adopts a Product-led Approach

The CEO of Texas Mutual, a leading workers’ compensation insurance provider, saw the value of adopting a product-led approach, but…

WebinarAgile Portfolio Management

Real-Time TCO: The Critical Role of Enterprise Architecture Management

Hosted by LeanIX Companies should focus less on how they can cut IT costs and more on how they can…

WebinarManagement & Leadership

Balancing Value and Productivity: A New Approach to Measuring Developer Performance

Frustrated trying to quantify developer productivity? Struggling to align engineering output to business outcomes? What are productivity metrics and should…

Case StudyAgile

Upgrading the Enterprise: A SAFe© Portfolio Transformation at a Global P&C Insurance Provider

Faced with changing industry requirements and the challenges of profitably bringing complex products to market, this global insurance provider turned…

WhitepaperAgile Portfolio Management

How to Structure Your Lean Portfolio For LPM Success

Executive Summary Business agility: The ability to pivot quickly and efficiently based on customer feedback and changes in the market…

WhitepaperArtificial Intelligence

The AI Revolution in Financial Services: Which Side of History Are You On?

In an era where technology is the cornerstone of business innovation, the financial services industry is undergoing a transformative shift.…

WebinarArtificial Intelligence

AI-powered Service Management

Streamlining Incident Management in JSM using Atlassian's Virtual Agent and Cprime's Custom AI Technology Sound incident management operations encompass activities…

WebinarAtlassian Migrations

Enterprise Migration from Data Center to Atlassian Cloud: Start with an Assessment

Large enterprises have unique needs and complexity when migrating Atlassian tools from Data Center to the Cloud. Whether you're exploring…


LPM in Practice: Participatory Budgeting with SAFe CoFund

Hosted by Scaled Agile, Inc. Presented by Cprime. The LPM in Practice series returns with an exciting view of Portfolio…

WhitepaperProduct Management

Brochure: Adopting a Product-Led Approach

Maximize product impact to surpass customer expectations and adapt to market demands Prioritizing what matters is hard. Translating priorities into…

Case Study

Millions in Forecast Savings and a Whole New Way to Delight Customers at This Tech Giant: ITSM Using Jira Service Management

The client was seeking a more powerful, efficient means of harnessing the vast amount of data being collected through service…