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WebinarManagement & Leadership

Balancing Value and Productivity: A New Approach to Measuring Developer Performance

Frustrated trying to quantify developer productivity? Struggling to align engineering output to business outcomes? What are productivity metrics and should…

Case StudyGitlab

Exploring New Horizons with Cprime—Creating a Continuous Integration Testing Pipeline for Lunar Vehicle Development

Lacking a modern proactive testing process for the low-level firmware and embedded systems in its moon rover, a team of…


Fleet Management Automation: Features, Benefits, Costs

Why do we recommend fleet management software? Because we believe that fleet management automation will make your fleet operation run…


Let your Software Eat the World! Modern Software Development on the Cloud featuring Forrester®, AWS, & Cprime

The notion that “software is eating the world” is arguably more relevant these days than when it was originally coined…

InfographicManagement & Leadership

Infographic: Global Tech Talent Shortage

The global tech talent shortage is at a record high and continues to be on the rise. Review the infographic…

Agile Class
Case StudyManagement & Leadership

Global Casualty Insurance Leader Wins Big with Innovative New Upskilling Program for Agile Developers

One of the biggest drivers of constant change is technology. As a result, there's always a need for more and…

Agile Class
WebinarManagement & Leadership

When You Can’t Find Tech Talent, Grow Your Own

The demand for tech talent is at an all-time high and is only expected to increase (did you know that…


Extending and Improving Cloud Adoption

Surely, you’ve heard a lot about the cloud lately. An impressive variety of services are available, from storage, hosting, data…

Human Centered Design
WhitepaperDigital Marketing

Human Centered Design: Structuring the Creative Process to the User

Human-centered design (HCD) is a mindset that approaches problem-solving with a focus on users. HCD requires designers to start projects from…

Remote Software Teams Using GitHub

8 Best Practices for Managing Remote Software Teams Using GitHub

COVID-19 is making more and more teams go remote until further notice and, in some cases, permanently. GitHub is a…

VideoSoftware Development

Top 3 Reasons to be Blockchain Ready With Kirk Phillips

The blockchain world is as difficult to navigate as ever in 2020, but it shouldn't be ignored. Kirk Phillips will…

cloud migration planning

Cloud Strategy: Cloud Migration Planning

Learn how to design and execute a cloud migration plan, learn about the 4 cloud deployment models, cloud principles, and…

VideoSoftware Development

Getting Started with Bitbucket

Set up a Bitbucket repository and connect to Sourcetree. This video is a short intro on what Bitbucket and Sourcetree…

Java Programming

How to Create a Simple Project in Java

In this quick tutorial, we will go over the basics for creating a basic echo app in Oracle's Java Programming…

VideoSoftware Development

How To Add Code to a Remote GitHub Repository

In today’s world, where people no longer need to be physically in the same room to complete projects, a powerful,…

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping – What and Why?

Your organization’s success depends on your ability to deliver value to your customers. This is true whether your organization is…

application server using koa

Introduction to Building Application Servers With Koa

Koa is a smaller, more expressive web framework for node.js. this video will take you through the basics of setting…


Installing Jenkins for Windows

In this video, viewers will learn how to properly install Jenkins onto their Windows computer.

VideoMicrosoft Tools & Platforms

Installing Eclipse Oxygen for Windows

In this video, viewers will learn how to download and install Eclipse Oxygen on Windows 10.

InfographicSoftware Development

10 Steps To Be a Better Programmer

There is an obvious divide between a good developer and a bad developer. Although it may seem like some software…

VideoConfiguration Management

Ansible NTP Playbook

This video covers Ansible NTP playbooks. Ansible is really only limited to what you are capable of doing in your…

VideoConfiguration Management

Ansible HTTPD Playbook

This video covers Ansible HTTPD playbooks. Ansible is really only limited to what you are capable of doing in your…


Using AWS Route 53 for DNS Zone and Record Management

In this video, viewers will learn how to configure AWS Route 53 to be the DNS server for a registered…


Optimizing Docker Images for Size

Image size can end up being a massive weight on your Docker files. In this video, we will cover how…


Introduction to Docker

Get started with Docker with a practical exercise in testing against Mongo. This video will guide you through the basics.…


AWS PuTTY Connection

In this quick and easy video tutorial we will show you how to download PuTTY and then use it to…


How to Publish a Docker Image

Viewers will learn how to take a Docker image and publish it to Docker Hub to easily share with others…


Installing Apache Maven

In this video, viewers will learn how to download and install Apache Maven through using the Java Development Kit.