Enterprise Integration

Tune your digital orchestra

enterprise integration
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Set the rhythm of your teams

Workflow automation and Enterprise Integration based on the best Agile practices help the organization to act as a tuned-up orchestra providing the same excellent experience at every stage of the customer journey. Cprime can integrate applications for your enterprise system while providing continuous improvement throughout the process.

The consistent digital orchestration and automation approach enables enterprises to build a powerful mechanism to generate high-powered decisions and create competitive advantages.

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Efficient collaboration

Reduced errors, duplications, and manual work, and fostered data exchange between teams

End-to-end visibility

Increased visibility due to the cross-functional end-to-end analytics and unified data flow

Faster time-to-value

Powerful initiatives due to advanced business intelligence and accelerated decision-making

You need an orchestra to play a symphony.

Support the unique pattern of your value streams through digital ecosystem automation

Workato iPaaS

Bring the right data to the right people on your team when they need it most by leveraging the 500K+ reusable system integrations and 1000+ Workato connectors. Design a unified automation strategy using all the benefits provided by Workato, the fastest-growing integration platform.

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Atlassian Integrations

Connect Atlassian products across the organizational toolchain to solutions like Aha!, Product Board, Snyk, or Launch Darkly, and develop additional functionality to align better to organizational processes. Leverage the perks of Cprime’s Atlassian Platinum Partnership and with 30+ solution vendors to galvanize your enterprise integration and speed up delivery.

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Custom Integrations

Transform your decision-making process by connecting out-of-the-box solutions, custom apps, infrastructure instances, and devices. Get your digital assets talking to each other so you can blend and aggregate the data you need and keep teams in sync, in order to turn ideas into action faster.

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API Development

Incorporate proprietary and purpose-built software into your digital ecosystem to enrich the analytical data and facilitate decision-making. Design and develop custom APIs so your teams can share the data, eliminate manual errors and double work, and focus on generating in-depth insights.

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