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Atlassian Integrations & Connectors

Connectors and Applications to expand the power of Atlassian

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Easy, breezy, productivity

The average developer uses an average of 14 different software platforms every single day. Placing Atlassian at the core of this daily workflow while leveraging powerful integrations saves your teams time and improves productivity and creates transparency that no other software system can rival.

Connection that brings visibility

It isn’t realistic to think that all the diverse teams in an organization (or even dev teams for that matter) use the same tools – but those tools should talk to one another. The flexibility of Atlassian integrations allows a core platform for visibility and traceability into the full stack, no matter how complex.

Thousands of integrations possible

We believe the power to customize has always been the crux of Atlassian software. If your tools are out of alignment with your process, they impede growth. With the power to integrate with thousands of other tools, Atlassian is the only core stack to allow unlimited customization.

True power comes not only from the ability to integrate all the tools on the Atlassian Stack, but with countless 3rd party platforms.

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