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Digital Transformation

Revolutionizing Automotive Digital Transformation: The ETFM Advantage

Automotive digital transformation FAQs addressed in this article:  What is ETFM in automotive digital transformation? - ETFM (Enterprise Technology &…

Employee Spotlights

How to Maximize the Return on Your GitHub Copilot Investment

If you’re a software developer, you know the struggle: adapting to ever-changing market conditions, keeping up with new technologies, and…

Artificial Intelligence

Modern Business Demands Modern Ways of Working

Everything Must Change. Including YOU!  I’ve spent much of my career—which has included five different C-level roles encompassing six different…

Business Agility

Unlocking Profitability: Strategic Portfolio Management and Systems Thinking Explained

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) FAQs addressed in this article: What is systems thinking in software business models? — Systems thinking…

Zubin Irani

From Guesswork to ROI: The Critical Role of Metrics in AI-Driven Development

Companies across the globe are eagerly experimenting with various AI solutions. Pilots abound, some of them costing millions. Enthusiasm for…

Artificial Intelligence

Achieve Greater Alignment with AI-Powered OKRs in Jira Align

OKRs in Jira Align FAQs addressed in this article: What are OKRs in Jira Align? — OKRs in Jira Align…


Embracing Agility: Dealing with Mid-PI Feature Changes in SAFe

Today I want to tackle a question that comes up all the time in my Implementing SAFe® class:  "What do…

Atlassian Cloud

Integrating Your Atlassian Cloud Ecosystem: Expert Insights for Maximizing Tool Synergy

  Atlassian ecosystem integrations FAQs addressed in this article: What is the value of integrating the Atlassian ecosystem? - Integrating…

Agile Hardware

Revving Up or Rolling Back: The “Secret” Solution to the Auto Industry’s Stalling Agile Transformations

The senior leader in charge of the transformation closed the door behind us and asked me to take a seat,…

News & Events

Cprime Enhances Technology-Driven Business Solutions Capabilities with INRY Acquisition

Addition of ServiceNow® Elite Partner bolsters Cprime capabilities in HR workflow optimization and Customer Service Management (CSM)  READ THE PRESS…

Artificial Intelligence

Agile and AI: Navigating the Future

In the realm of software development, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with Agile methodologies marks a pivotal evolution. This…

Employee Spotlights

Revolutionizing Product Development with Customer Intelligence Insights

Customer Intelligence FAQs addressed in this article: What is customer intelligence? - Customer intelligence is the process of gathering and…