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Atlassian Stack Bundles Essential Tools for their DevOps Marketplace

Atlassian announced this week that it is bundling its well-regarded online collaboration tools for Agile and DevOps teams, in what they’re calling the Atlassian Stack. Companies can acquire the Atlassian Stack as an easy, one-time procurement to improve communications in teams and automate the Agile and DevOps processes. The Atlassian Stack includes the popular products JIRA Software, Service READ MORE

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The Agile Enterprise: The Role of Leadership & Organization Health in Scaling Agile

The Agile Enterprise is nimble and robust. Responsive to an ever-changing, high-speed marketplace, it anticipates customer needs and wants. Its capacity for innovation delights customers and employees alike. Implementing agile for software development is vital and not enough for full-scale agility. At scale, a company needs to be agile-informed in its purpose, structure, processes and culture. READ MORE

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How Is DevOps Incorporated in SAFe?

Q&A with Kreisler Eng, CSM, Agile Practice Lead We caught up with Kreisler Eng, cPrime Agile Practice Lead, to comment on DevOps and how it works in conjunction with SAFe™, the Scaled Agile Framework. Kreisler is a delivery practitioner and problem-solver, and knows how DevOps and SAFe together can help an organization become faster, more accurate and more productive. READ MORE

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Fire Up your JIRA Capabilities with Power Scripts for JIRA

cPrime announced in May that it had acquired Power Scripts for JIRA™, a popular plugin to Atlassian JIRA that extends its base functionality with powerful scripting and automation tools. Power Scripts replaces several smaller plugins, and is also easier to use and more affordable than other plugins. “If you’re a developer who uses JIRA every day, you’ll love Power Scripts for READ MORE

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Scrum Master One of the Highest Paying Jobs in US – The Washington Post

Guess what! Scrum Master is among the highest paying jobs in the US, as reported by the Washington Post in the “Leadership” column on March 8. The Post said: Being a “scrum master” may sound like something a rugby player does, or a job that doesn’t sound all that inviting to many. But for people who know how to run software projects according to certain READ MORE

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cPrime is the official Training Provider for Structure by ALM Works

ALM Works has selected cPrime as the exclusive training provider for Structure, their powerful and widely used Atlassian JIRA plugin. cPrime has been an Atlassian Platinum Partner for five years, and is the top seller of Atlassian products in the U.S. “cPrime’s Structure trainers are experienced JIRA experts who’ve performed many implementations in the field,” said cPrime Vice READ MORE

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How JIRA Service Desk Saved Customer Service at The Trade Desk

Q&A with cPrime VP Swati Jain cPrime’s Swati Jain just returned from Barcelona, where she presented at Atlassian Summit on our JIRA Service Desk implementation for The Trade Desk, the Los Angeles-based Ad-Tech (advertising technology) firm. Swati presented at Summit with Drew West, Senior Director of Global Support at The Trade Desk. You can watch a video of their presentation READ MORE

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Agile for Hardware: How to NOT make a $$$ juicer

You may have seen the news about the well-funded San Francisco startup that developed a $699 juice machine: the Juicero. The Juicero uses a pre-packed blend of fruit or vegetable pulp in a squeezable pouch you buy exclusively from them, for $5-$7. You insert the pouch in the machine to squeeze a cup of juice. It applies up to 4 tons of pressure to the pouch with a powerful motor and READ MORE

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Fire up your workflow processes and make your JIRA implementation happier

You’ve gotten your team together, and your clients are eager to get to work. Now, you’ve invested in Atlassian JIRA – but you’re not getting the workflow tracking you want, or transparency into all the processes your people are involved in to scale. What do you do when your Agile team needs more powerful tools to help it set up and manage workflows? Or when you READ MORE

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Empower your Atlassian deployment with the Power Scripts for JIRA plugin

cPrime announced this week that it has acquired one of the most popular JIRA scripting plugins, Power Scripts for JIRA™. cPrime acquired Kepler-Rominfo in February, the developer of Power Scripts for JIRA, formerly called JJUPIN. The plugin allows JIRA administrators to easily add many rich features and capabilities to their JIRA deployment. According to Fortune Magazine, 80 of the READ MORE

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