What is a Scrum Team?

Scrum was created to help organizations and teams to solve complex problems. Scrum does this by delivering increment(s) of value…

Product Management

Identifying and Defining Products

Identifying Products Maximizing customer value and increased speed of delivery are two benefits often seen by companies after moving to…


You Need Tools for Transformation–But That’s Not All

I have something to admit: I was that coach.  I told people I was a tool agnostic coach because I…

News & Events

An Exciting New Phase in Cprime’s Ongoing Journey

A conversation with Anne Steiner and Gérald Attia On December 30, 2022, papers were signed, hands were shaken, and a…

Data Migration Process
Data & Analytics

Data Migration Process: Essential Steps and Practical Recommendations

The data migration process is more complicated than just moving information from one location to another. Data transfer can be…

Cloud Integration
Data & Analytics

Cloud Data Integration and Why You Might Need It

While a business generates more and more data, the need to extend data storage capacity and extract insights from unclassified…

Security Governance & Posture

A Short Introduction to Infrastructure Security | What You Need to Know

Software Development

Smartbear for Test Automation–Part 1

Every team knows how important QA is. Whether they like it or not, having a bug-free, high-quality user experience is…

Software Development

Smartbear for Test Automation–Part #2

Now that you've got a base automated test suite, or you are on your way, how do you plan to…


How Agile Training and Certification Insulate Your Company from the Global Tech Talent Shortage

The global tech talent shortage is a well-documented and well-known phenomenon at this point. Companies of all shapes and sizes…


Why the C-suite Needs to Consider Agile Transformation Training

In most organizations today, just keeping up with the competition and keeping the figurative lights on is an impressive feat.…


Exploring the Last Two Phases of Agile Maturity

In the previous article, we discussed the journey to Enterprise Agility, including the first three phases of that journey: The…