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5 Characteristics for Agile Reporting in the Real World

by Bryan McMillan, cPrime Agile Coach Any Scrum Master or Team Member is keenly aware that they are expected to deliver software each and every iteration that provides value. Reporting, measurements, and metrics are vital part of that effort, which going forward I will just lump together in only one term called “reporting”. Some of us already know that reporting has been READ MORE

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Confluence-based intranet with Linchpin and diagramming with

October 13th, 2017 in Foster City, CA, cPrime and //SEIBERT/MEDIA announce a strategic partnership to offer Linchpin intranet and diagrams to cPrime customers. Linchpin and enable real team collaboration and knowledge management to support top down and bottom up communication. Zubin Irani, cPrime’s CEO said, “As the need for improved collaboration between teams continues READ MORE

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Agile done, done done, or pivot?

If Agile calls for constant iteration and improvement, how can Agile developers ever be “done” with anything? In our new ebook, Contested Development, Cameron Deatsch from Atlassian tells a story about that: “My favorite Agile quote of all time comes from a banking executive. During a visit with Atlassian, he said, ‘So, this came up recently where I was told something was done, I READ MORE

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What is the value of coaching? Is it required for an organization to be successful in Agile?

Let us first define and standardize on what coaching is. “Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more READ MORE

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Using Atlassian to Scale Agile with SAFe® 4.5

Upgrade you must and cPrime you can trust! In 2017, cPrime pioneered the very first framework for implementing SAFe 4.0 in Jira. We are the most trusted experts in the business of scaling Agile among both your processes and tools throughout your organization and continue to be the leading provider of this solution. We are also firm believers that every organization has unique needs that READ MORE

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Do as I want, not as I say

A whopping myth of software development is that customers know what they want – and can explain it to you. If that were so, no one would have ‘unmet needs.’ Software forums wouldn’t be a digital hailstorm of hostility (“worst support EVER! F&$%…”). And, every rainbow would be a double rainbow. Customers know what they like, not what they want. Agile makes that READ MORE

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Choose the Right Tools for Your DevOps Liftoff

One of the big attractions of DevOps is that it integrates software development practice with cool tools. Tools are great – they can be a lot easier to manage and interact with than humans. This is especially that case when bringing together teams that normally work in different spheres: developers and IT Ops. But DevOps isn’t about tools, its about culture. It IS about working READ MORE

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Devops pitfalls webinar

Avoiding DevOps Pitfalls with JIRA

In this webinar, you’ll learn some of the latest trends in the modern IT workplace. With growing emphasis on team collaboration and efficiencies, this webinar will showcase how Dev and Ops teams are collaborating across and within the organization to balance speed and quality of change management. We will explore how automate and improve fulfillment, improve traceability and accountability, READ MORE

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Top 10 ways agile will change your product development experience

Even before David Letterman did his Top 10 Lists – I’ve always loved lists. They’re straightforward, to-the-point and darn it they’re just fun! So let’s do a top 10 ways Agile will change your product development experience! 1. Agile Development Discipline is incredibly hard. Agile development keeps you on your feet. It’s about outcomes and READ MORE

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How to Customize, Automate and Expand the Power of JIRA

Extend JIRA with a powerful yet affordable scripting and automation toolkit. Find out why people are switching from Script runner. Justin Evans, Product Owner Director for cPrime, and Ethan Foulkes, Business Developer at Camerican, discuss the role that Power Scripts for JIRA plays for customers.   Interested in a FREE demo of Power Scripts or any of our other apps? READ MORE

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