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Ask Powerful, Thoughtful Great Questions

Author: Kreisler Ng, Agile Practice Lead Interviewer:  “So do you have any questions for me?” (ending the interview) Interviewee:  “Actually I do!  Thank you for the opportunity.  Can you tell me a bit more about the the day-to-day activities for this role?” Sounds fairly common as you wrap-up an interview.  Nothing mind-blowing or controversial here.  Do Read More

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Lean Agile Requirements in Large Scale Complex Systems

Building large-scale software and cyber-physical systems (CPS) are one of the most complex and challenging endeavors in the industry today. Emerging practices from industries like Automotive, MedTec and Finance offer a different approach to handle this inherent complexity. This new approach focuses on a solution centric development, where the solution itself determines the kind of Read More

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Confluence tips and tricks to get started as your knowledge management tool

Authors: Simone Chen, Swati Jain In an age of information overload, the ability to effectively sort and search through content is only becoming increasingly important. This is no different for companies striving to maintain and build off of their intellectual property, foster collaboration and, ultimately, empower individuals to find the content they need. Out of the many intranet and wiki Read More

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Are You Ready for a Cloud Strategy? Then Stop Looking For Vendors!

The importance of focusing on business value first and technology second will push IT teams to shed all the generic disparate vendors for strategic partners who can drive innovation and prove a critical part of the customer value chain. Cloud is the new bully on the block taking your lunch money It seems like “Cloud” is the fancy buzzword closing in on CIOs, forcing architects back to Read More

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How Should I Run Atlassian? Cloud vs. Server vs. Cloud

These days, there is a lot of debate around cloud vs. server, and as debates typically go, there are compelling arguments from both angles. This decision may become overwhelming, so let’s cut through the noise. Here is a quick run down of what options are available to you for running Atlassian and in what in what situations each make the most sense – a pro, con list of Read More

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BlueKit: Enduring Agile Transformations at all Levels of Enterprise

In our last blog post we introduced BlueKit, a knowledge platform that allows organizations to harvest, document and disseminate valuable knowledge and know-how. This ‘tribal knowledge’ typically includes best-practices developed by the organization during years of trial-and-error and describes processes, artifacts, ceremonies and metrics that are customized, specific and work well for Read More

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WOD: Optimize Portfolio Performance with Agile Techniques & Jira – Part 2

Some organizations spend months or even years attempting to create a workable portfolio management solution – often with little success. So, how do organizations determine if their software portfolio is working? Can your portfolio answer basic questions related to productivity or performance? With Agile Portfolio Management and Jira, organizations can apply simple techniques to create a Read More

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Scaling on Atlassian: Avoiding the 5 Top Pitfalls when Migrating from a Legacy System (WOD)

New emerging platforms and technologies like “Atlassian” have caused us to revisit the many different software vendors that provide short term band-aid solutions to scalability challenges. As organizations continue to heavily invest in software tooling, the need to standardize on an integrated platform is becoming ever more necessary. This provides an opportunity to reduce complexity, Read More

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Please welcome Atlassian Confluence Mobile for Server

How teams and organizations can tap into mobile productivity and reach all employees within an enterprise Today, it’s a given that good software must have a native mobile app to enhance its reach, to support mobile information retrieval, and to enable users to complete simple tasks on their phones. Confluence Server now has a native mobile app Many companies were not happy that Read More

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Atlassian Consolidations: Building a gold standard system that scales for your Enterprise Platforms

Application proliferation is a big “no-no” and can easily and quickly get out of hand as organizations continue to mature. Maybe your company has recently acquired another, maybe certain departments within the business insist on using their own instance of the Jira, or there’s a need to move to a corporate wide Jira instance. Whatever the case is, we want you to know that you are Read More

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