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If you’re reading these lines, it’s safe to assume that like the vast majority of software development organizations you are familiar with the enormous benefits and potential of agile transformations. Countless companies across multiple verticals report increased efficiency, improved productivity and much quicker time-to-value on their development efforts. Agile transformation Read More

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Zendesk Pains and Challenges: Why we decided to jump ship for JIRA Service Desk

A Day In The Life Of A Product Manager: As a Product Manager working on an enterprise application, I had giant challenges at different levels of the organization. On one hand, you had to balance the customer’s feature and enhancement requests, then came the technical debt. You also have internal stakeholders who all have a critical stake in the outcomes of your decisions and by the Read More

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Optimize Portfolio Performance with Simple Agile Techniques and Jira – Part 1

Some organizations spend months or even years attempting to create a workable portfolio management solution – often with little success. So, how do organizations determine if their software portfolio is working? Can your portfolio answer basic questions related to productivity or performance? With Agile Portfolio Management and Jira, organizations can apply simple techniques to create a Read More

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Immediate Value of Integrating

If there is one sentiment that rings true in life, it is that no person is an island. The help, specialization, and connection that other people provide us is not just nice to have, it is an absolute necessity. This too holds true for your enterprise systems. The misconception is that one platform will satisfy a range of functions and another will have their own. More often now, we are seeing a Read More

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Increase Confluence Adoption with Personalization and Mobile!

In this presentation, we covered how to use Confluence and Linchpin to drive performance and engagement for your company. This blog post will serve as our follow up for links (to the recording, and with the links promised in the Q&A section at the end) and to articulate via text the concepts and opportunities we discussed. Concepts Linchpin as an intranet solution on top of Read More

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A Woman’s Place is in the Scrum Team (Not the Kitchen!)

By: Liza Ridgway, Director of Agile Services   It’s 2018 and women are still the “biggest source of untapped talent,” said one of the speakers at the WITI Summit last summer. Research continues to show that we are not growing the Women in Technology numbers. One survey shows women hold only 24% of computer science jobs, down from 37% in 1995! It’s surprising to me who Read More

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Stop Estimating #NoEstimates

There’s a movement that’s been growing last few years. It’s brewing and it’s picking up some steam. Or at the very least some brave souls and organizations are more open to experimenting with it. This so called #NoEstimates movement within the Agile community. Let the Twitter flame wars ensue! The main premise of the movement is that estimates do not directly add Read More

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Simplifying Complexity: When it’s time to hang up your legacy system for a platform

Let me start by saying I have deep fears that legacy technologies will force companies to stagnate and die. We all know software is a strategic asset and a critical part of keeping you competitive and on the cutting edge of the market. So, here’s my tangible tale of terror about how old legacy software vendors and antiquated processes, restricted our ability to move fast as an Read More

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Atlassian Reporting: Agile Scrum Metrics that Matter

by Bryan McMillan, cPrime Agile Coach Agile is a verb not a noun and far too many in IT have attempted to change it to a noun. To be agile is to able to move quickly and easily. Despite some of what has been written and even seem that the entire concept of metrics and measurements would be in direct contradiction to the Agile Manifesto, however, it is not. Comprehensive documentation, Read More

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Checklists to Frame the Flight: The What’s What of Migration

We hear about migration pretty frequently these days. As our organization grows and matures, we grow our business intelligence and begin see the clear need to optimize the technology that is supporting our process. More simply put, we find that different systems will better support our business. Below we will outline the what’s what of migrations – what exactly it means, what Read More

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