Cprime Monthly Migrations Customer Story Round-Up | November 2023

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Agile Metrics – 5 Tips to Achieve Product Success

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How to Build a Product Backlog That Drives Value for Technical Products

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Why a Product-led Approach Trumps Even the Best Project Management

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Keeping Your LPM Program on Track: Best Practices for Portfolio Managers

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How to Set OKRs That Unlock Your Team’s Potential for Improved Alignment and Results

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The SAFe® RTE Playbook: Tackling Six Common Challenges for Better Agility

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Product Management

Technical Product Managers, Manage the Entire Iceberg: Integrating Work Above and Below the Surface

When building a software product, you’re really constructing an iceberg. The glossy UI with all the buttons and menus makes…

Cprime Acquires Vincerion
Agile Portfolio Management

Cprime Expands Its IT Portfolio Management and FinOps Offering with the Acquisition of Vincerion

Strategic acquisition further expands Cprime's digital transformation services with Technology Business Management solutions   CARY, N.C., Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/…