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Zubin Irani

From Guesswork to ROI: The Critical Role of Metrics in AI-Driven Development

Companies across the globe are eagerly experimenting with various AI solutions. Pilots abound, some of them costing millions. Enthusiasm for…

Artificial Intelligence

Achieve Greater Alignment with AI-Powered OKRs in Jira Align

OKRs in Jira Align FAQs addressed in this article: What are OKRs in Jira Align? — OKRs in Jira Align…


Embracing Agility: Dealing with Mid-PI Feature Changes in SAFe

Today I want to tackle a question that comes up all the time in my Implementing SAFe® class:  "What do…

Atlassian Cloud

Integrating Your Atlassian Cloud Ecosystem: Expert Insights for Maximizing Tool Synergy

  Atlassian ecosystem integrations FAQs addressed in this article: What is the value of integrating the Atlassian ecosystem? - Integrating…

Agile Hardware

Revving Up or Rolling Back: The “Secret” Solution to the Auto Industry’s Stalling Agile Transformations

The senior leader in charge of the transformation closed the door behind us and asked me to take a seat,…

News & Events

Cprime Enhances Technology-Driven Business Solutions Capabilities with INRY Acquisition

Addition of ServiceNow® Elite Partner bolsters Cprime capabilities in HR workflow optimization and Customer Service Management (CSM)  READ THE PRESS…

Artificial Intelligence

Agile and AI: Navigating the Future

In the realm of software development, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with Agile methodologies marks a pivotal evolution. This…

Employee Spotlights

Revolutionizing Product Development with Customer Intelligence Insights

Customer Intelligence FAQs addressed in this article: What is customer intelligence? - Customer intelligence is the process of gathering and…

Artificial Intelligence

Agile Reimagined: The Transformative Power of AI

Agile methodologies have reshaped software development with promises of flexibility, speed, and collaboration. Yet, there's a gap between these promises…

Artificial Intelligence

Navigating the Future of AI in Energy: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Generative AI in Energy and Materials FAQs addressed in this article: What is generative AI's role in the energy and…

Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking New Horizons in Telco with Generative AI

Generative AI in Telco FAQs addressed in this article: What is generative AI's role in the telecommunications industry? - Generative…


Unlocking the Future of Efficiency: A Deep Dive into Modern Operational Excellence

Operational excellence FAQs addressed in this article: What is operational excellence in the modern business landscape? - Operational excellence in…