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Learn more about DevOps methodology including main topic areas of ci/cd, infrastructure automation, cloud, test automation, health checks, and more.

Adding DevOps Security Tools to Your CI/CD Pipeline

As you travel down the DevOps path, one of the most avoided topics is often security. Security is usually a touchy point because, more than likely, it will add work somewhere that someone didn\'t want...

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From Monolith to Microservices and Beyond

Monolithic architectures were the de facto standard of how we built internet applications. Despite still being used nowadays, microservices have grown in popularity and are becoming the established architecture to build services. Service-oriented Architectures (SoA)...

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Getting Started with BitBucket

Introduction John Bardeen, winner of two Nobel prizes in physics said, “The combined results of several people working together is often much more effective than could be that of an individual scientist working alone.” While...

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Why You Should Use Xray for Jira as your Test Management Solution

Many activities go into developing any type of software. From gathering requirements to deploying to real-world users, lots of factors influence the final product. Testing is one of these factors that you have to take...

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Agile and DevOps – Which Scaled Agile Framework Works Best?

If you are already running Agile/DevOps teams, sooner or later, you will reach a fork in the road where you need to decide how to scale your teams. By “scale”, it means that you seek...

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DevOps Metrics that Actually Matter

Recently, I have been working with several teams to help them with metrics. It seems that metrics are one of those things that can help or hurt an organization, depending on how they are applied....

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4 Common Pitfalls of DevSecOps and How to Overcome Them

Today we\'ll cover some of the most common pitfalls in DevSecOps. By recognizing these issues and moving quickly to avoid or correct them, you can save yourself time, money, effort, and heartache. First, let\'s spend...

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Static Analysis With SonarQube

SonarQube is a platform for analyzing software for bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells. In addition to performing a variety of static analysis checks on your source, it presents the results in the form of rich...

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Running SonarQube With Docker Compose

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of code quality to your project’s success. You can spend enormous amounts of time and money on your agile practice and your CI/CD pipeline, but if your code doesn’t...

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Agile vs DevOps – Same, Different, or Something Else?

If you have worked in any technology field over the past decade, there’s a good chance that the terms “Agile” and “DevOps” have become overused buzzwords for you, just as other terms like “lean”. Based...

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Hidden Benefits of the Cloud for Government Agencies

When we look at what cloud computing offers any organization, there are some universal benefits. We all know that the cloud provides flexibility, elasticity, and cost savings. It removes the need to make big expensive...

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How to Implement Scrum at Scale with Azure DevOps

As of 2016, the DevOps market size was valued at $2.885 billion. Thanks to a compound annual growth rate of 18.7% from 2017, projections indicate it will be worth $9.407 billion by 2023. Some of the...

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