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Product Management

Learn more about agile product management, product agility concepts like design thinking and customer centricity, and more.

Outcomes Over Outputs: Set Yourself Up for Success

In the world of project management, outputs — what you produce in relation to what you planned to produce and the metrics for measuring how efficiently you did so — have long ruled the definition...

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3 Keys to a Successful Dojo

Dojos have gained popularity in recent years, especially as an effective alternative to embedded coaching and classical classroom training for businesses looking to scale agility, product thinking, and DevOps. Dojos foster the use of collaborative...

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Big Rocks in Your Product Agility Journey

You may have heard (more than once…) the idea of ‘Project to Product’. Indeed, in recent years this notion is increasingly becoming a buzzword. It’s worth asking, however, what does this idea really mean and...

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Building the Right Product

Project to Product Thinking Part 3 Dating back to the early 2000s the Agile movement drove tremendous advancements in process maturity. We learned to work and deliver in iterations, and focus on progress. But what’s...

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Project to Product Funding

Project to Product Thinking Part 2 One of the main promises agility is supposed to deliver on is decreased costs. Most organizations view IT as a cost center and believe that if IT becomes more...

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Project Management vs Product Management: What is the Difference?

Project to Product Thinking Part 1 Before agile was at the center of the software development world, project management processes dominated. A traditional project consisted of mass research to develop a master plan, assigning projects...

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Cprime and Aha! to Partner

Industry-Leading Firms Aim to Make Life Easier for Product Managers With excitement, today, Aha! and Cprime announce they are entering into a partnership. By combining Cprime\'s expertise in product management consulting with Aha! - the...

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When Risk Management Falls Short: Using a Business Process approach to Overcome Challenges

“Risk is like fire: If controlled, it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” -Theodore Roosevelt Risk Management teams who are assigned with identifying risk might go about their task...

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Design Thinking for Marketers: Creating Your Marketing Plan

Most organizations - small or large - have a marketing plan. It outlines planned marketing efforts for a period of time, usually for the fiscal year, and is generally a linear process. What if you...

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Design Thinking for Marketers: Remember Your Customers

It’s easy in marketing to talk about what we have to offer or what we do as a brand. That’s what we do on a daily basis - view our business from that lens. To...

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Design Thinking for Marketers: The Value of Iteration

What are the components of your marketing plan? It likely describes your customers, has a unique selling proposition, lists the marketing channels, promotional offers, and brand messaging. It may have more - or less -...

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Achieve Customer Centricity Through Design Thinking With SAFe® and Jira Align

SAFe® 5.0 is all about business agility. And, whether you adhere strictly to the SAFe® framework for scaled agile development or not, business agility should be a focus for your organization, too. It’s really the...

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