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Learn more about agile product management, product agility concepts like design thinking and customer centricity, and more.

Product Owners Should Wear Their PARKA

As a former Product Owner (PO) with years of experience training and working with Product Owners around the world, I’m often asked, ‘What makes a good Product Owner?’ And my answer isn’t a list of...

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6 Keys to a Strong Integrated Product Team

All kinds of product teams can be successful depending on how success is defined in an organization. I was in a previous role several years ago. As long as we completed a project on budget...

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Scaling the Impact of the Dojo

Once your organization establishes its dojo and evaluates the value it creates, scaling the experience is a natural progression. In a nutshell, scaling the Dojo experience involves increasing the number of coaches so that more...

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8 Core Principles for a Successful Dojo

Product dojos have been increasing in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Dojos use immersive learning to ultimately help teams improve transformation time, speed up the scaling of transformation across an organization, and...

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Product Planning Over Project Planning

Product thinking—and its direct result, product agility—is a paradigm shift for companies that previously relied exclusively on project management to plan and manage long-term initiatives. And it’s proven to be highly effective and beneficial. But,...

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Are These Challenges Hampering Your Product Design and Management?

While product design and more general product thinking are becoming the industry ideal, many organizations struggle to implement them fully and reap the benefits. In many cases, the problems they’re facing can be boiled down...

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Outcomes Over Outputs: Set Yourself Up for Success

In the world of project management, outputs — what you produce in relation to what you planned to produce and the metrics for measuring how efficiently you did so — have long ruled the definition...

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3 Keys to a Successful Dojo

Dojos have gained popularity in recent years, especially as an effective alternative to embedded coaching and classical classroom training for businesses looking to scale agility, product thinking, and DevOps. Dojos foster the use of collaborative...

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Big Rocks in Your Product Agility Journey

You may have heard (more than once…) the idea of ‘Project to Product’. Indeed, in recent years this notion is increasingly becoming a buzzword. It’s worth asking, however, what does this idea really mean and...

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Building the Right Product

Project to Product Thinking Part 3 Dating back to the early 2000s the Agile movement drove tremendous advancements in process maturity. We learned to work and deliver in iterations, and focus on progress. But what’s...

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Project to Product Funding

Project to Product Thinking Part 2 One of the main promises agility is supposed to deliver on is decreased costs. Most organizations view IT as a cost center and believe that if IT becomes more...

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Project Management vs Product Management: What is the Difference?

Project to Product Thinking Part 1 Before agile was at the center of the software development world, project management processes dominated. A traditional project consisted of mass research to develop a master plan, assigning projects...

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