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Agile Engineering

Learn more about agile engineering, including agile hardware development, engineering practices like test driven development, and more.

Unit Testing Tutorial: Getting Started With Test-Driven Development (With Java)

The web offers a virtually infinite menu of information, which makes finding a unit testing tutorial fit for beginners a daunting task. Well, if a unit testing tutorial is what you need, search no more....

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Chaos Engineering In Practice

Chaos engineering is all about running chaos experiments in systems to determine how the systems behave under certain circumstances. The idea is not merely to test the system. You\'ll also want to learn how the...

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Chaos Engineering: What It Is and Isn’t

Chaos engineering started at Netflix when they publicly said that bringing down production systems helped them be more resilient. Taking down servers on purpose isn\'t something companies do, even after hearing Netflix\'s success stories. Some...

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Achieving Business Agility in Systems Engineering (Part 2): The “New” Dual Vee

Achieving Business Agility Welcome to the second article in a series of posts about how the key concepts of Agile can be leveraged in a Systems Engineering environment to help businesses on their agility journey....

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Achieving Business Agility in Systems Engineering (Part 1)

Achieving Business Agility Today\'s businesses have multiple competing forces to contend with. There are changes in market dynamics, changes in workforce competition and competitor landscape, not to mention global influences. More companies than ever before...

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TDD Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Test-Driven Development: Really, It’s a Design Technique Test-driven Development (TDD) is by now an established technique for delivering better software faster and sustainably over time. TDD is based on a simple idea: write a failing...

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Agile Hardware Development

Can an Agile process be used for hardware development? Would it bring to hardware development the same benefits it does to software development? Suspecting that the answers to both questions were “Yes,” but unsure of...

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