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Business Analysis

Learn more about business analysis topics that cover process improvement, skills for business analysts, the role of business analysis in software, and more.

Business Analysis

The Business Analysis Phase: Components of the process and case studies

The business analysis phase has the strongest impact on the product development process. A business analyst can save your time…

Business Analysis

Why is Business Analysis important in software design?

In this article, we cover the role of the business analyst in the software development lifecycle, what business analyst actually…

Business Analysis

DIACAP or RMF – Benefits of Risk Management Framework for Your Business

It is almost impossible to protect the company from all potential risks. At the same time, new technologies do everything…


Application Monitoring in a Modern Cloud World

Applications are no longer simple two-tier architectures. Back then, application monitoring was easy compared with today. But as the shift to the…


Bridging the Gap Between Business Vision and Cloud Strategy

With today's low latency and increased bandwidth, moving your data from on-premise into the cloud makes sense. Many businesses are…

Business Analysis

Kick-Start Requirements Discussions With These Four Questions

“What should I ask to get good requirements?” a developer inquired, continuing, “I don’t have a business analyst, so I…

Business Analysis

Prepping Your Requirements For Primetime: Validating Requirements

In parts one and two of this series, I discussed how confirming elicitation results and verifying requirements act as gates…

Business Analysis

When Risk Management Falls Short: Using a Business Process approach to Overcome Challenges

“Risk is like fire: If controlled, it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” -Theodore…

Business Analysis

Prepping Your Requirements For Primetime: Verifying Requirements

In part one of this three-part series on readying requirements, I proposed that they must pass through three gates defined…

Business Analysis

Prepping Your Requirements for Primetime: Confirming Elicitation Results

We should always ensure the requirements we develop can pass through three quality gates before we consider them complete and…

Business Analysis

In Pursuit of a More Perfect Knowledge Base

In my junior BA days, I worked at a financial services company, where I collected obscure details during requirements elicitation like a…

Business Analysis

Engaging in Productive Conflict – Why and How

When I work with teams, I ask members to share the first three words that come to mind when they…