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Agile Management Tips

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Agile Management Tips

Learn more about agile management tips that apply to various agile roles across an organization, from Scrum Master to Program Manager, and more.


How to Apply Agile to Non-Software Work

The concept of “Agile” has been tied to software development mainly because of the 2001 publication, The Manifesto for Agile…


Which Prioritization Method is Right for Me?

Imagine this scenario: you’ve created your initial product backlog. The requirements on your backlog have been broken down just enough,…

Successful Agile Team Feature

Ideal Environment for Successful Agile Teams

Recently, one of my colleagues asked me an interesting question that I have not heard in a long time: “Why…


Learning to Size (Too Big?) Over Learning to Estimate (How Big?)

When teams are asked to pick up a new piece of work, estimation inevitably comes into play. Determining the size…

Agile Management Tips

Blog: The ‘WHY’ of Distributed Teams

My life for the past 20 months—no longer getting up at 5.00 a.m. to get ready for work, no commute,…


Virtual Agile Coaching – 5 Tips for Success

If you are like many of us, 2020 was a memorable year for you in many ways. The pandemic forced…


Success with your Agile Team is all about Change Management – Here’s How

I recently realized something that I probably have always known in the back of my mind years ago – implementing…


Agile Change Management – 3 Tips for your Agile Adoption

Recently, I have been studying how people, teams, and organizations respond to change. This may seem surprising, but I have…

Agile Management Tips

The Failure Files: Tooling Driven Business Process

Part 1: The Risk of Leaving People Out of Your Digital Transformation Check out our infographic on "The Top 6…


How to Create an Agile Project Management Office – 5 Essential Tips

When you hear the term “PMO” (commonly known as “Project Management Office”), what’s the first thing that comes to mind?…


Why 2020 Has Us Doubling Down on Sustainability as Resiliency

With the economic shock of COVID, companies of all sizes are reevaluating their resiliency and preparedness to face a similar…


3 Ways Disciplined Agile Will Change Your Team Forever!

Recently, I have been studying Disciplined Agile (DA) quite a bit. Despite having implemented DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery) over 10…