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Learn more about data analytics topics like data quality, big data, data science, data visualization, data governance, and more.

QA vs. Testing: What’s the Difference?

When the competition is just a few clicks away, you can\'t afford to ship poor quality software; if you do, you\'re begging for your clients to become former clients. However, getting yourself familiar with the...

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4 Benefits of Microservices

You may have heard about things like containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud. All these modern technologies have become popular because of the concept of microservices. Nowadays, microservices architecture has become a standard way of building...

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Top 3 Features of Datadog

When it comes to distributed network monitoring, very few tools come close to exhausting engineers\' needs. You\'ll keep thinking like this until you discover Datadog. Whether you\'re just getting started on the Datadog journey or...

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5 Reasons to Receive Datadog Training

If you\'re on the lookout for technical courses to take part in, Datadog training is a great option. Right off the bat, it stands out by being a great skill addition for both network experts...

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Apache Kafka Tutorial: Getting Kafka Up and Running

Linear computer science theorists will agree with the line of thinking that as more data streams around the world, the difficulty in accessing resources on the internet will increase likewise. However, with platforms like Apache...

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Types of Application Security

In an earlier post, we discussed what application security is and why it\'s important. That was covering the basics. So, what next? Once you know the importance of application security, you should of course work...

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Static Analysis With SonarQube

SonarQube is a platform for analyzing software for bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells. In addition to performing a variety of static analysis checks on your source, it presents the results in the form of rich...

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Choosing the Best Data Visualization Tool for Your Teams

You have the data. Now you need to turn it into information. Perhaps you are thinking of exploring beyond what Excel can extract? And with good reason: Excel, though familiar, is bad at securely storing...

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Static Testing: What You Need to Know

What Is Static Testing? Static testing is a type of testing that\'s performed on a piece of software without executing the actual code. During testing, we review and validate the product and its supporting documents....

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Top 10 In-Demand Skills for IT & How L&D Can Help

A learning and development (L&D) team provides developers with the required budget and motivation to learn new skills or to improve existing skills. But what skills should you learn as a developer? This article explores...

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What is Observability and Why You Need It

As more organizations move from on-prem to cloud infrastructure, IT teams are finding that traditional monitoring solutions just aren’t getting the job done. Many monitoring vendors have moved beyond monitoring to observability. Sadly, some are doing nothing more...

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Data Mining vs. Machine Learning: Key Differences You Should Know

The massive outbreak in the generation of data has propelled advancements in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Although data mining has been around for a longer period of time, there\'s been a...

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