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Software Testing & QA

Learn more about Software Testing and QA, including topics on test automation, DevOps, and user acceptance testing.

Software Development

Smartbear for Test Automation–Part 1

Every team knows how important QA is. Whether they like it or not, having a bug-free, high-quality user experience is…

Software Development

Smartbear for Test Automation–Part #2

Now that you've got a base automated test suite, or you are on your way, how do you plan to…

Blackbox vs Whitebox Feature
Software Development

Black-Box vs. White-Box Testing

The software testing field's lexicon is huge and continues to grow. Newcomers to the field may be intimidated by the…


What Is Infrastructure as Code in CI/CD Pipeline?

At first blush, infrastructure as code (IaC) and continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) don't seem to go together. They…

Software Testing & QA

Software Quality Assurance in the Product Development Life Cycle

There are two dangerous myths about software Quality Assurance and development: The product quality is a sole responsibility of the…


DevOps Implementation: How to Drive your Business to Success

DevOps implementation is a sustainable trend in IT-related businesses as DevOps has made software development processes more agile and efficient.…


Benefits of Automated Testing Over Manual Testing

In a debate on manual vs automation testing, the decision is evident. Many companies choose automation testing for their tasks…

Software Development

What Is the Test Automation Pyramid?

There are many different types of software testing. They're not interchangeable: each one caters to a different testing need and…

Software Development

ETL Testing: Proud Tradition or Popular Innovation?

With the vast amounts of data, modern businesses rely on in their operations, ETL testing strategies appear to be more…


Kubernetes vs. Docker: Differences You Need to Know

Both Docker and Kubernetes are ubiquitous tools nowadays. They're two of the most popular existing open-source projects. Whether your workloads…


QA vs. Testing: What’s the Difference?

When the competition is just a few clicks away, you can't afford to ship poor quality software; if you do,…

Software Testing & QA

Four Training Areas for Test Automation With SmartBear

The fact that you're considering SmartBear training confirms that you'll soon be using the platform optimally. Learning how to use…