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Software Testing & QA

Learn more about Software Testing and QA, including topics on test automation, DevOps, and user acceptance testing.

What User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Is and Is Not

It\'s time to dive into the mysteries of user acceptance testing (UAT). In this short post, we\'ll talk about what it is, who performs it, why it\'s necessary, and how you can smoothly integrate it...

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Static Analysis With SonarQube

SonarQube is a platform for analyzing software for bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells. In addition to performing a variety of static analysis checks on your source, it presents the results in the form of rich...

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Static Testing: What You Need to Know

What Is Static Testing? Static testing is a type of testing that\'s performed on a piece of software without executing the actual code. During testing, we review and validate the product and its supporting documents....

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Unit Testing Tutorial: Getting Started With Test-Driven Development (With Java)

The web offers a virtually infinite menu of information, which makes finding a unit testing tutorial fit for beginners a daunting task. Well, if a unit testing tutorial is what you need, search no more....

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Top 3 Reasons Test Automation Projects Fail

At this point, many of us understand the benefits of test automation. It reduces manual repetitive testing over the life cycle of our application, reduces defects, and increases the quality of our code. So why...

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Selenium Tutorial: Create Tests by Utilizing the Selenium API

This is a post about the Selenium API. Selenium has quite a few components and is often misunderstood. So, first of all, here’s a quick overview of what Selenium is and is not. Selenium is...

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TDD vs. BDD vs. ATDD

Software development can be overwhelming. There are tons of languages, frameworks, and tools to know about. Plus, there are processes to follow. For a developer, it’s often not the work of writing out code that’s...

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Test Automation and DevOps: What You Need to Know

Recently there has been a lot of emphasis on DevOps test automation in a bid to push code down the system quickly and confidently. Testing is crucial in the software development process, and failure to...

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Test Data Management and Its Role in DevOps

In my career, there\'ve been many times when I\'ve experienced the false joy of my code change being ready to be released to production. I say false joy because everything worked as expected on my computer,...

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Unit Testing and Test Automation: Two Things You’re Not Doing Enough Of

Software development tends to follow a predictable path of chaos. Full of optimism, your organization embarks on a software project.  You put together requirements, start speccing out some design and architecture concepts, and then you...

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Unit Testing Smells: What Are Your Tests Telling You?

The title of this post makes reference to \"test smells,\" which might seem a curious turn of phrase.  It\'s a bit of a riff on the idea of code smells.  So, to understand test smells,...

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The Business Case for Unit Testing

Over the years, I\'ve helped a lot of organizations install and improve their unit testing practice.  As you can imagine, I\'ve also heard a lot of concerns over and objections to unit testing.  At the...

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