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Cprime named Top Selling Partner of 2022 by Tempo

Tempo software provides products for strategic roadmapping, time and capacity planning, and portfolio management. Cprime’s alliance with Tempo enables customers…

Integration as a Service

Miro Integrations – a Great Way to Bridge the Gap in a Remote World

Miro integrations are all about making collaboration more convenient and fruitful. Working on a project – whether it is related…

Integration as a Service

Enterprise Integration – 3 Steps to Get Started

In a previous blog, we discussed what Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is and why it’s vital for the modern enterprise.…

Integration as a Service

What is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)?

These days, every business runs on multiple apps and platforms. There’s no such thing as "one solution to rule them…

Integration as a Service

Zoom Integrations for Better Collaboration

Since its early days, Zoom has expanded to allow both apps and integrations with its core program, becoming part of…

Integration as a Service

Workato Integrations – Making Your Business Workflows Smoother

How do Workato integrations change everyday business tasks? A typical morning for a business person may include using various apps…

Integration as a Service

Guide to Data Migration: Types, Tools, Approaches, Challenges, Phases and Comparisons

This article is a comprehensive guide on data migration theory and practice. Technology advances and a dynamic business environment often…