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Business Agility

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Business Agility

Learn more about what is business agility and applying the principles of agile development to your organization.

Business Agility

Value-based Planning and Enterprise Agility

In the first article in this series, we discussed three challenges standing in the way of Enterprise Agility: Lack of…

Business Agility

Finally, Safe 6.0 Puts Continuous Learning Culture Where It Belongs

There is a real buzz in the SAFe community with the new changes in SAFe 6.0… Strengthening the foundation for…


“Remodeling” Your Business the Agile Way

A few years ago, my parents moved in with me. I quickly learned that my house wasn’t big enough for…


Investing in the Right Skills to Lead Your Organization to Success, Are Power Skills the New Soft Skills?

Since the 1980s we have experienced a digital revolution. It’s been an age of disruption where technology is a leading…

Business Agility

Message Driven Agility (pt. 2): Harnessing Business Signals that Matter

Turn down the noise of your software signals and turn up the context with Slack Don't miss our previous blog,…


Success with your Agile Team is all about Change Management – Here’s How

I recently realized something that I probably have always known in the back of my mind years ago – implementing…

Business Agility

The Illusion of Role Overlap – Project Managers & Business Analysts

Recently I taught a class on project management, using PMI-endorsed material provided by a well-known leadership training brand. Last fall,…


Achieving Business Agility in Systems Engineering (Part 2): The “New” Dual Vee

Achieving Business Agility Welcome to the second article in a series of posts about how the key concepts of Agile…


Achieving Business Agility in Systems Engineering (Part 1)

Achieving Business Agility Today's businesses have multiple competing forces to contend with. There are changes in market dynamics, changes in…

Atlassian Integrations

How to Turn Slack Into Your Enterprise Collaboration Hub and Why You Should

It’s highly unlikely you’ve never heard of Slack. That’s not a blanket generalization, it’s a statistical fact: Over 12 million…


Are Your Portfolios Built for Innovation or Stagnation?

Every organization today sees the need to be innovative. But, very few actually succeed at that goal with any consistency.…


Overview of What’s New and What’s Different in SAFe 5.0

OVERVIEW OF SAFe 5.0 CHANGES At this year’s Global SAFe Summit, Scaled Agile Inc. announced a new version of the…