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Atlassian Migrations

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Atlassian Migrations

Learn more about Atlassian migrations, including migrating from Atlassian server to Atlassian cloud, migrating from other project management tools to Jira, and more.

Rally to Jira Data Migration: 2 Approaches

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 3 There are several ways to migrate off of Rally to Jira, but the two most common data migration techniques are Data Sync or ETL. Data Sync A data...

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Top Rally to Jira Migration Considerations

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 2 Many organizations are choosing to migrate from Rally software to Atlassian’s tech stack. BUT HOW? Getting started can be overwhelming. This is an important migration with potential for...

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Rally vs Jira

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 1 While Rally Software is a widely used, powerful Agile project, program, and portfolio management tool, many users find that their unique Agile journey requires more flexibility than is...

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Jira Cloud: Standard vs. Premium vs. Enterprise

What Do I Get With Each Jira Cloud option? As Atlassian Jira cloud offerings have grown, so have the options available to you. There are many aspects to consider so let\'s dive into what you...

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5 Things You Need to Know About Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

There are many aspects to consider when evaluating a move to Atlassian Cloud. Usually these considerations are around add-on usage in Cloud, integration with other systems, clean up or optimization of the configuration, how to...

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Congrats, You’ve Migrated to a New Jira Instance – What’s Next?

So you made the smart decision to migrate to a brand new Jira instance. Now what? Are you ready for the next steps? What do you need to consider as your teams start in your...

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Migrating from TFS (Azure DevOps Server) to Jira Quickly and Easily

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) — now better known as Azure DevOps Server — is a powerful enterprise-level tool for large-scale management of an agile development system. It is designed to support some popular agile...

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So You’re Thinking of Migrating from VersionOne to Jira

Collabnet VersionOne (recently absorbed into is a powerful agile management tool built with large-scale, enterprise-level implementation in mind. It is designed to support all the major agile frameworks and boasts integrations with a number...

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Moving from ServiceNow to Jira Service Desk: Why and How?

ServiceNow has been called “the Salesforce of IT”, and for good reason: It’s a solid solution for IT support management under the right conditions. But, there are some limitations that can arise for users outside...

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Why Should You Consider Migrating from Salesforce to Jira Service Desk?

Salesforce is one of the most powerful and popular CRM/Sales platforms in the world, and for very good reason: it’s an incredible solution for sales organizations, and it’s incredibly customizable. And, they’ve built a well-rounded...

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Moving from Zendesk to Jira Service Desk: Why and How?

If your organization is currently using Zendesk for internal and external customer service and request management, but you’re considering switching to Jira Service Desk, you’re not alone. While Zendesk is a great product, many companies...

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The Benefits and Challenges of Migrating from Rally to Jira

Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) is a powerful project management software tool that offers an effective method for organizing and tracking iterative tasks and projects in an agile environment. However, many users find that their...

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