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Atlassian Migrations

Learn more about Atlassian migrations, including migrating from Atlassian server to Atlassian cloud, migrating from other project management tools to Jira, and more.


Leverage the Flexibility of Atlassian Small Business Cloud Services

As a small but growing business, you have ample reasons for considering Atlassian cloud solutions to help manage and optimize…


Prepare to Scale Your Business in the Cloud with Atlassian

The Atlassian Cloud ecosystem offers significant advantages for growing businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re using server or data center…

IT Migration
Atlassian Migrations

IT Migration in a Nutshell

When you switch to a new system, transfer operations to the cloud, or replicate the data from one app to…

Atlassian Cloud

Blog: The Importance of the Migration Impact Analysis for Cloud Migrations

Migration of Atlassian applications from on-premise solutions to the cloud is a complex, potentially tricky process, especially for large organizations…


Rally to Jira Data Migration: 2 Approaches

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 3 There are several ways to migrate off of Rally to Jira, but the…


Top Rally to Jira Migration Considerations

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 2 Many organizations are choosing to migrate from Rally software to Atlassian’s tech stack.…

Rally vs Jira

Rally vs Jira

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 1 While Rally Software is a widely used, powerful Agile project, program, and portfolio…


Jira Cloud: Standard vs. Premium vs. Enterprise

What Do I Get With Each Jira Cloud option? As Atlassian Jira cloud offerings have grown, so have the options…


5 Things You Need to Know About Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

There are many aspects to consider when evaluating a move to Atlassian Cloud. Usually these considerations are around add-on usage…

Atlassian Integrations

Congrats, You’ve Migrated to a New Jira Instance – What’s Next?

So you made the smart decision to migrate to a brand new Jira instance. Now what? Are you ready for…


Migrating from TFS (Azure DevOps Server) to Jira Quickly and Easily

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) — now better known as Azure DevOps Server — is a powerful enterprise-level tool for…

Atlassian Migrations

So You’re Thinking of Migrating from VersionOne to Jira

Collabnet VersionOne (recently absorbed into is a powerful agile management tool built with large-scale, enterprise-level implementation in mind. It…